The social network for the ACEs movement. You must be signed in to continue. Note: if you proceed, you will no longer be following. Find out more about our Speakers & Trainers Bureau. ACEs & Resilience Questionnaire and information about other ACEs. Look, no one deserves to experience abuse at all. Announcing two upcoming live webinars on Trauma Informed Care designed to help YOU implement a trauma informed approach throughout your organization! Copyright © 2020, ACEsConnection. By this I mean, looking beyond "behavior management" and addressing what is happening in the brain of a child who has come from the hard places of trauma and using that science to go beyond behaviors and yes even looking beyond what is considered "normal" child development. Join us This introductory level course is essential for anyone who works with the public. This webinar will provide information for women’s health providers about the importance of ACE screening in improving maternal health. Teaching Trauma-Informed Care to Medical Learners.pptx, Trauma Informed Care - Printable Flash Cards.docx, Teaching Trauma Informed Care, ACEs Connection PPT, Trauma-Informed Care Implementation Resource Center, Ep.1 - Brainstorming with Jane Stevens During COVID-19, Ep.2 - Brainstorming with Jane Stevens During COVID-19, Ep.3 - Parenting and ACEs During COVID-19, Ep.4 - Domestic Violence Prevention During COVID-19, Ep.5 - Nurturing Professional Caregivers During COVID-19, Ep.6 - ACEs and Pediatrics During COVID-19, Ep.7 - Racial Health Inequities of COVID-19, Ep.8 - Violence Prevention, ACEs, and COVID-19, Ep.12 - Community Resiliency Model and COVID-19, Ep.13 - Racial Health Disparities During COVID-19 Part II, Ep.15 - Family ACEs (aka domestic violence), Ep.19 - Trauma-informed Policy & Funding During COVID-19, Ep.20 - Trauma Center Trauma Sensitive Yoga, Ep.22 - Higher Education and Trauma During COVID-19, Ep.25 - Racial Trauma & How to be Anti-Racist, Ep.28 - LGBTQ+ Identity and Race in the US: An Intersectional Discussion, Ep.31 - Grief and Family Trauma in the Time of COVID-19, Ep.10 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part I, Ep.12 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part II, Ep.14 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part III, Ep.16 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part IV, Ep.18 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part V, Ep.21 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part VI, Ep.23 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part VII, Ep.26 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part VIII, Ep.27 - Education Upended During COVID-19 - Part IX. Thank you Gail for your kind words and also for all you do for the ACEs Connection community. Please join us for a special session during which we will explore topics from several communities that have similar interests to ACES and for which there may be additional opportunities to further engage. Since in-person parenting education isn't happening right now consider putting a parenting tips bumper sticker on your car. This webinar covers the importance of, and opportunities for, building and maintaining trauma-informed connections with patients using telehealth during the COVID-19 emergency. When you block a person, they can no longer invite you to a private message or post to your profile wall. Does anyone live in a city where the police have such outlined protocols? It’s much easier to say it wasn’t that bad than to say it was a terrible experience that shaped a huge part of who I am, and that I have to struggle daily to create a... ACEs Connection will celebrate the voices and tell the stories of people who have been barred from decision making and who have shouldered the burden of systemic and economic oppression as the result of genocide, slavery, family separation, forced relocation, mass incarceration, red lining and all other practices, policies and institutions that have traumatized marginalized groups. All rights reserved. And the comparisons that we tend to make to justify the things that happen to us is entirely unfair. The Association between ACEs and Criminal Justice Involvement: Becoming Trauma Informed: An Essential Element for Justice Settings Webinar Series Dates and Times: The Association between ACEs and Criminal Justice Involvement: October 26, 2020 Trauma-Informed Treatment and Theory: November 2, 2020 Becoming Trauma Informed and Moving to Trauma Responsive: November 9, 2020 Webinar … Learn about the five parts of ACEs science, plus links to articles, books & videos.

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