At most he was a dualist: “He exalted Ahura Mazda…as supreme among the gods…and viewed the world as an agelong struggle between Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu” (Ibid., 1202). As king cyrus states God himself commanded him to let the captive jew go back and build their temple.Ahura Mazda being the God of Cyrus. . In addition, the coming of a savior is promised as early as Gen. 3:15 in the Bible. The Bible The Devil The Gospel The Kingdom of God The New Covenant The Triunity of God ... Ahura Mazda is the supreme truth and the only God of worship [later would be known as Ohrmazd] but has holy immortals or Angels that do Ahura Mazda's bidding (Corduan, 2012). Zoroastrians started to worship the one and only God Ahura Mazda. Yet the other Character, the Ancient God of Evil Ahriman (Ahreeman) was also there for Zoroastrians to recognize. Create Account Log In. What part did the strange God of ancient Iraq called Babylon play in putting together the Judeo Christian tradition? T hen Zarathushtra said: ‘Reveal unto me that name of thine, O Ahura Mazda! However many believe that Ahura Mazda and Ahreeman are two … Reading the Bible is rewarding, and these plans make it easy! Personalization. Don't have an account? or. Remember Me Forgot Password? of the Achaemenid dynasty Creating an account allows you to access more features and content such as: Reading Plans. Angra-Mainyu is co-equal and co-eternal with God and is the source of all evil and corruption. He is the good and perfect creator who is all powerful, all knowing, all wise, perfect and beneficent. In the royal inscrs. Bible Gateway Plus; Bibles; Deals; More; Log In × Log In. . But Ahura-Mazda has an evil twin named Angra-Mainyu. A[h]-ura-mazda[h], “wise lord”), the great overseeing principle of good, the divine spirit in the teachings of the Pers. This was long before the birth of Zoroaster. that is the greatest, the best, the fairest, the most effective, the most fiend-smiting, the best-healing, that destroyeth best the malice of Daevas and Men . ’ Ahura Mazda replied unto him: ‘My name is the One of whom questions are asked, O holy Zarathushtra | AHURA-MAZDA ə hōōr ə măz’ də (Old Pers. During Achaemenids (559 BC - 330 BC), Ahura Mazda Ancient God of intelligence became one of the two dual characters in Zoroastrian philosophy. What are the benefits of creating an account? There is one God named Ahura-Mazda. He is worshiped as the creator of the cosmos and the archenemy and totally other of the evil spirit, Ahriman (q.v.). Log In Don't have an account? sage, Zarathustra (Zoroaster).

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