The formula does not leave any residues so you won’t have to worry about dandruff. I've been using American Crew Forming Creme for about 3 years now. American Crew Forming Cream. Key Benefits: What It Does: Helps hair look thicker. American Crew Forming Cream gives you healthy, tame locks with every single use. Take your look to the next level with our collection of … At the same time, it adds body and fullness. As the global leader in men's grooming and the "Official Supplier to Men", American Crew's ongoing commitment to elevate men's style and enhance their personal image by providing education and marketing to share the brands' vision. The main ingredients in this styling cream fight against unruly strands and help to eliminate frizz for a level of control that allows you to style any hairstyle. American Crew Forming Cream - 90ml. Part of the series: The Best in Beauty. Using American Crew foaming cream with curly hair is something that you can do in a few key ways to make it a lot easier to use. This cream acts as a forming agent to make it easier to create the different hairstyles you want. American Crew Forming Cream. 3 years ago. I know this is subjective but the equate forming cream smells quite bad and the smell is pretty strong. Although, after receiving I noticed a significantly odd, cheap looking product sticker on the top, but what really was the nail in the coffin is the color and the smell. For light styling. This forming cream is easy to use for styling all hair types, you just need to work a small amount of it evenly through damp or dry hair and style as desired. How to Use American Crew Forming Cream for Curly Hair. American Crew Forming Cream shampoos out easily without residue, a humectant that provides movable hold, conditions and moisturizes hair, with a holding agent that encourages firmness, body, and fullness to the hair, softens and swells the hair shaft making hair appear thicker. American Crew is a leader in, Men's Grooming for HAIR, BODY, SHAVE, STYLE, COLOGNE, and SKINCARE categories. American Crew Forming Cream American Forming Cream features with Water Based, Glycerin, PVP Copolymer, Lanolin Wax, and Sucrose in order to make your hair look medium hold with medium shine. Grooming Tips | American Crew is more than just products, it’s a leader in men’s grooming designed specifically for men and the stylist they trust. I don't have AC forming cream so I can't compare. After seeing the low price on Amazon compared to the nearby retail stores, it seemed like a no brainer to order.

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