The US Fish and Wildlife Service's Safe Harbor was established to encourage private landowners to take steps to benefit endangered Red-cockaded Woodpeckers on their land. There are now likely two to five times the number of clusters, according to the U.S. Yes and no. Although on the rebound, the red-cockaded woodpecker … Fish and Wildlife Service wants to change its status from endangered to threatened. Woodpeckers vary in size and range from about 7 to 14 inches in length, usually with brightly contrasting coloration. Fish and Wildlife Service. Woodpeckers (Melanerpes spp. belong to an interesting and well-known group of birds in the family Picidae. With a family that large, there are bound to be a few endangered species and some common species. These large birds live in older coniferous or deciduous forests - and occasionally in younger forests with old dead trees in it. The red-cockaded woodpecker, seen in an undated photo on its perch, lives in the Big Branch Marsh National Wildlife Refuge. The red-cockaded woodpecker is doing so well in its recovery efforts in South Carolina and elsewhere, the U.S. The ivory-billed woodpecker has been assessed as critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. ), including sapsuckers (Sphyrapucys spp. Dead or dying trees, stumps, and logs are essential for pileated woodpeckers for nesting, roosting, and feeding. When the red-cockaded woodpecker was deemed endangered in 1970, the population had hit an all-time low of about 1,470 clusters. The only woodpecker species on the Endangered Species List, the Red-cockaded Woodpecker makes its home in the mostly longleaf pines of Arkansas. Physically it is a medium sized woodpecker with a common barred black and white feathers. Fifteen counties in central and southern Arkansas now have habitat protection to insure that the Red-cockaded Woopecker once again thrives in the state. The ivory-billed woodpecker was listed as an endangered species on 11 March 1967, by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. The bird, which has been recovering, is endangered … ), and flickers (Colaptes spp.) Habitat: Pileated woodpeckers need large uninterrupted patches of woodland, covering territories of 100 to 200 acres. The agency reports an estimate of about 7,800 active clusters across 11 states from Virginia to Texas. Family Picidae (the woodpeckers) is comprised of 240 species of birds. There are 17 species found in California, two of which are California-listed endangered species.

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