The tree does need good water regularly and if the roots dry out, you will usually have a dying tree that is hard to bring back to health. Everyone who tries to describe the color struggles with an attempt to describe a color that has yet to be named. With too little sunlight to allow them to photosynthesize, lower sequoia branches may brown and die. In their normal habitats, giant sequoias tend to shed branches as they age, leaving their reddish trunks bare lower down. The younger the tree the more susceptible to the color change it is. I have always thought the cause was lack of winter moisture and too much winter wind and sun. Sarah Moore has been a writer, editor and blogger since 2006. It is not uncommon in dry winters for these beautiful trees to turn reddish-brown in the winter. If you want to avoid losing lower branches, provide enough space for the growing tree. I have seen this condition in trees up to five years old but never in older trees. I have seen this condition in trees up to five years old but never in older trees. It has been described as purplish-red, rust, brown, and bronze. The browning of giant sequoias, Sequoiadendron giganteum, around the area has people worried, wondering if their trees are dying. Brown needles from the top down could point to a pest or disease. Symptom of Brown Tips on the Lower Branches of a Young Sequoia Tree. The wintertime discoloration produces a color that is yet to be named by whoever names colors. This is still a significant amount of space in many home landscapes. If the main leader top is turning (or turned brown), you have a problem. The wintertime discoloration produces a color that is yet to be named by whoever names colors. Feeding by the cypress leaf miner causes needles to turn yellow in early winter and then brown by late winter. The discoloration does not occur every winter. As the tree struggles to spread water to all its branches and leaves, needles toward the bottom brown first. Young giant sequoias typically undergo color changes in the winter and early spring. But infestations aren’t picky—they’ll also brown needles from the bottom up. After that, sunlight appears to make little difference in tree health in the wild, although in landscapes it does prefer full sun. The discoloration does not harm the trees it simply brings out a pigment that is already present. Prune out diseased shoots below the site of infection, disinfecting shears for five minutes in a solution of one part 70 percent isopropyl rubbing alcohol and one part water between cuts. Yellow needles are typically the beginning stage of an outbreak that will eventually turn needles brown… Caused by the fungi Kabatina juniperi and Phomopsis juniperovora, juniper twig blight results in wilting and discoloration of sequoia foliage, causing it to turn brown, red or yellow and die back. Generally, trees older than five years are less susceptible. If the lower branches underneath a green tipped branch are turning brown, it is a common end of summer aborting some needles. By spring needles are generally green again. Giant sequoias may live between 2,000 and 3,000 years and grow to an oval pyramidal shape, often reaching heights of 250 feet and trunk diameters of 15 feet in their native range. The condition will disappear when the temperatures remain warm for an extended period in the spring. She holds a master's degree in journalism. Eventually, its roots may require more space than available, limiting its water and nutrients. Tip damage moves backward on the branch and if not pruned, may reach and kill the tree. Seedlings that are buried in snow do not discolor, only those that are exposed to the wind leading us to believe that the discoloration is the result of freeze drying. Cypress tip miners (Argyresthia cupressella) are pests common to trees, such as redwoods and cypresses. Giant sequoias are capable of growing to enormous heights, but while outside their natural Sierra Nevada habitat, they may mature at significantly reduced heights of 40 to 60 feet.

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