100% Upvoted. I think he's a robot -- Jim Collison . I would say that the XM8500 has a flatter frequency response than the SM58. MIC SHOWDOWN - Shure SM58 Vs Behringer XM1800s. hide. SM58-CN (Cable included). MIC SHOWDOWN - Shure SM58 Vs Behringer XM1800s. ... Beh­ringer C1 vs Shure SM58 (Dynamic vs Condenser Micro­phone Test) Create Suc­cess TV. The Shure SM48 is the affordable version of the sure SM58, which has now become the industry standard for live performances and even some studio recordings.. Guides en ligne. Tec­no­logic Unboxing . Personally, I'd go for the C1. 2. report. youtu.be/pQHok3... 0 comments. Close. The mic is pretty ugly as far as mics go, although if it produces the results, it doesn’t matter all that much. SM58-X2U (XLR to USB signal adapter, same as with Sm57). It’s the other industry standard for live sound. Xm8500 vs SM58 vs Beta58. However, the B1 and C1 microphones are the exceptions to this rule, and are widely renowned as probably the *best* (or at least among the best) condenser microphones in the price range. Youtube. Avis sur le Behringer C1. After testing it out, the XM8500 definitely had a little more bottom end and perhaps wasn't quite as bright as the SM58. It’s fairly compact although a bit on the heavy side for a condenser of this size. The Behringer C1’s XLR output. Before we get into the Shure SM58 vs. SM58S, grab a snack, sit back and relax because.. You’ve come to the right place!! Dynamic mic. You can get one with an On/Off switch which will cost you a bit more, but still, the price won’t be much of an issue. SM58S (On/Off Switch included). It is a lot cheaper than any other microphone of that quality. Like the Sm57, it’s about as durable as it gets. Condenser mic vs. Adrien816, 15.06.2011 . Today I will provide a quick comparison of these two, and then give a recommendation towards the end! Micro­fone C-1 Beh­ringer Unboxing. The SM58 rolls off a bit of the bottom end and has a little presence boost. Log in … Posted by. What I will bring you in this review. Tout afficher. 11 hours ago. The Behringer C1 weighs in at 450g (15.87oz) and measures L 169mm (6.65”) x W 54mm (2.13”). SM58-LC (Cable not included). Behringer is a controversial company... many people hate most everything with the Behringer name. save. The SM58 is the best on stage dynamic vocal mic you can buy. Which microphone is better for recording vocals, behringer c1 or shure sm57 Hello, I´m planning on buying a microphone for recording high-quality vocals in my home-studio: I have a Steinberg UR22 MK2 and I want to know which microphone will sound better (higher quality) for recording my voice: Behringer C1 oe SHURE SM57. share. Tout afficher. Microphones large membrane à condensateur.

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