This is due to the Brettanomyces (Brett) yeast that ensures that the beer continues to develop. But it is now time for the main event. One was a dubbel style, which he called Abbey, and another amber style he named Fat Tire. Cooperstown, New York. Troubadour Magma has the typical fruit flavours of an IPA, like passion fruit, citrus and mango, nicely combined with fruity yeast flavours of apple and pineapple. What has certainly contributed to the fame of this beer is the friendly little guy on the label. While the previous was the one I admire more, the later made it possible for New Belgium to become a real brewery and a successful one at that. The alcohol gives it sweetness, while the hop varieties Saaz and Styrian Golding provide a fruity, orangey character. The dark malt remains subtle; you’ll taste it in the form of caramel and toffee. It’s strong, but not complicated, and a Duvel always tastes great. Great move for all lovers of beer; especially Belgian style ales. And what better way to enjoy a great Belgian than with a great pizza, which they also excel at. Order your favourite beers in value cases, Brilliant beer facts, recipes and stories. The monks brew as much beer as their way of life allows, but the demand is many times bigger - which is why Orval is often sold out. Since that time, New Glarus has produced dozens of fantastic beers and come out periodically with a seasonal that is truly Belgian inspired. Today, New Belgium brews the original Abbey, a Tripel, Dubbel and a black ale; named 1554, based on a Belgian recipe dating to the 1600’s; and a multitude of other exciting beers. Pizza Port, Carlsbad, Solana Beach, Ocean Beach, San Clemente, California. For a brewery to be listed on my Top 10 list, they must excel at the art of creating the essence of the style. #6) New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, Colorado. Our 16.9 FL OZ can is a true example of our unique style. They make fantastic Belgian style beers but do not bottle, so to sample these fine beers, you’ll have to make the trip to Madison. These are often so iconic; they have become synonymous with Belgian beer as a whole. We'll get your order to you as quickly as we can. It has a floral, spicy touch with a warm, soft-bitter finish. If you think craft beer is played out, think again. 1. The Rochefort 6 and 8 are also brewed with the same beers, and these are also beautiful beers that are more than worth a try! The Westvleteren Brewery – run by Belgian monks – only brews around 5,000 barrels of their beer annually. You can recognise a bar that serves Kwak by the special shoe basket they have on the ceiling. At the top of the list is Dogfish Head, Milton, Delaware. #7) Russian River Brewing, Santa Rosa, California. The finish is tight and slightly peppery. However, the U.S. craft beer scene is exploding and is one of the most vibrant brewing countries on the planet today. It seems like everything he does he does right; like hiring Tyler King on as head brewer. This has always been one of our most popular beers and is the one most often mentioned by our Beerwulf team as their favourite Belgian beer. We’ve come up with our list of the top 10 best Belgian beers based on a number of factors, such as: So without further ado, allow us to offer up our list of the Top 10 Belgian Beers! Their beers are very well put together and offer visitors a brief glimpse into this fantastic style. Sugar Creek opened in 2014 and has a focus on Belgian style beers. Many beer aficionados already have christened us the Best Belgian Beer. Belgian Blonde has been a very popular beer style for years. After a bike trip across Belgium in the late 80’s, Jeff Lebesch returned to Colorado and started churning out batches of 2 homebrews based on his recipes. Tomme Arthur is well known in the brewing industry as one who has continually pushed the envelope on the side of extreme beers and for the years I have been following his craft, he has always made extraordinary beers and for many years has always had at least a couple of Belgian style beers in his offering. You can find the bottling date on each bottle of Orval. Of course, it’s very difficult to create a list of the best, because ultimately that’s down to personal preference. Because of … Allagash White was brewed as a Belgian style wit beer and it caught on right away. This strong, dark beer is really one to enjoy quietly. It wasn’t declared a world cultural heritage by UNESCO for nothing, after all. Starting in 1997, Brewery Ommegang started brewing traditional Belgian style ales on the outskirts of Cooperstown. But when it comes to beer, this little nation is one of the biggest there is. Sign up now for special offers, exclusives, news and beery updates! It’s a perfectly balanced beer that’s delicious to taste with many types of cheeses, especially with creamy brie. With its solid position in the top 10 of our best-selling beers, Pauwel Kwak is here to stay. Owner/Brewer Adam Avery has an affinity for Belgian style beers but also has the fever for extreme beers. Let yourself be convinced by the king of Chimay! Brewery Ommegang was fully acquired by Brewery Moortgat in Belgium several years ago, makers of Duvel and many other great Belgian beers. That many beer lovers can’t be wrong. You can only buy craft beer if you are 18 or older. I know this is a variation for a Belgium inspired web site, but as a lover of Belgium and Belgian style beer, I think that many people in the U.S. would like to know where they might find some beer based on the Belgian styles. From Chimay Blue to the St Bernardus range and Kwak to Duvel Beer we definitely have something for you! This one is also a regularly cited favourite amongst the Beerwulf team. Owner/Brewer Rob Tod loved Belgian style beers and knew the American beer scene lacked beers brewed in this style. While distribution is very limited, if you do come across any of their beers, I’d suggest scoring a few bottles. Brewers of Belgian Style Beer #1) The Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, San Marcos, California Number 9 is an outsider. Fruity aromas of plum, raisin and fig harmonise nicely with malty tones like caramel, liquorice and a touch of chocolate. Owner Sam Caligione brews some of the finest beers anywhere and some have Belgian bases. Between the two of them, they are making waves that are rocking the beer industry. Ommegang is not an extreme brewer, rather a brewer of great Belgian ales. #4) Brewery Ommegang. Maybe it is both. Infinite Ale Works opened in 2014 and focuses on Belgian style beers almost exclusively. Born in Belgium, raised in the USA. Do both. It’s well worth the wait! They have a tasting room that is open Thursday & Friday from 3 til 8 and the weekend from noon until 6. With an alcohol percentage of 8.5%, Duvel is a typical Belgian powerhouse. This popularity only confirms the place of this magnificent beer in our top 10! They also have a multitude of other Belgian styles. The typical Affligem yeast gives a nice, fruity touch to our our best-selling Blond. Iron Fist opened shortly after Brandon’s 21st birthday because he gained a passion for excellent Belgian inspired beers during his home brewing days. Heineken. Learn more about the Belgian beer culture! From the beginning at Pizza Port in Solana Beach, where Belgian dubbels, tripels and saisons periodically appeared on his selections to the opening of The Lost Abbey in 2006, Tomme has been brewing excellent beer. A young Orval is still a bit sweet and hoppy. A tiny country with a huge beer tradition - yes, we’re of course talking about Belgium, where beer culture is so vital to the fabric of the nation that it’s officially protected by the UN. Any lover of great beers has had at least one of the beers of Ommegang, the namesake, Hennepin, Rare VOS, Three Philosophers or Witte. The soul of this beer is the yeast, which gives its own flavour. They also have a white ale and a raspberry infused white ale. This top-selling beer in the US is headquartered at Leuven, Belgium and employs over 30,000 professionals. Cheers to that! Each beer comes with its own chalice.

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