From grade schoolers to grandparents, we get the good times rolling for bowlers of all ages. • There are 67 million people who bowl at least once a year. The Dutch brought the game of 9 pins to America. So, when it was all over, China brought nothing. But the Americans brought… home the trophies. • There are more than 2 million people who belong to the United States Bowling Congress. No matter the number or the nature of the group, a Bowl America party is a guaranteed good time for daycare outings, middle school field trips or high school celebrations. You can’t beat bowling for fun with family or friends and there’s no place more fun than Bowl America! There are over 67 million people who bowl at least once per year, and over 2 million who play in leagues across the country. The New York legislature outlawed the game of 9 pins. Light the candles, have a blast bowling and make her day one she and her friends won’t ever forget. We’ve listed 7 of the coolest. Bowling is the most played sport in America. Just choose a date and select your food plan; we’ll handle everything else! Other Parties . _____ For a few months in late 2019, I served what is probably my last “deployment” in the U.S. Army. • There are about 3,400 bowling centers who are members of Bowling Proprietors Association of America. A group of New Yorkers added a 10th pin and called it bowling. And whether you’re looking to throw a perfect game or the perfect party, we specialize in making every visit to Bowl America a special occasion. America invented bowling. Bowling is America’s number one sport where multiple people participate. The EU team brought balloons. • Bowling is a $10 billion industry. • There are 3,250 pro shops in America. These statistics and others show that bowling is stable even in hard economic times. But there’s more to bowling than the game itself. 1. Last year alone over 70 million Americans headed down to one of over 5,000 bowling alleys to knock down some pins. The Belgians brought cheerleaders. A new breed of retro chic bowling centres serving cocktails, craft beer and gourmet food have become destinations in themselves. U-S-A!!! Conversations and adventures with the people he finds in bowling alleys at all hours of the day and night—retired Maine lobstermen, saucy European nannies, recovering addicts, former bowling champions, college students, World War II vets and lingerie saleswomen, to name a few—combine to form a picture of what America looks like while standing in a pair of rented shoes. U-S-A!!! “Bowling for America…” in the Philippines by Lieutenant Colonel Charles Faint. We recently spoke with Jim Decker, the president of the Bowling Proprietor’s Association of America, a trade association that represents thousands of bowling centers across the country.

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