While the snare may arguably be the most vocal drum in the kit, the kick has an amazing array of possibilities for tonal shaping. First of all, I wouldn't personally describe that sound as boxy. How To EQ Snare Top and Bottom. A cool trick to try is putting two mics on the snare, one on top and one on the bottom. Drums. In this video, I reveal all the secrets you need to eq snare drum top and bottom on every mix and any type of genre. If you were to hear that drum solo'd it would be wide open and ringing. I've used a 414. It works great, if I can keep it out of the way. Sidechain Dynamic EQ Cuts on Your Instrument Bus. I usually pull a bit of 1k out the snare if it sounds too boxy. Compression. There is a … Here's a detailed, instrument-by-instrument guide to EQ. But today compression is where you can get creative. So EQ the snare in the perspective of the whole kit, and you’ll find it much easier to get it right. If your vocal sounds ok on its own but boxy when played back in the context of your mix, try cutting other instruments within the 250-900 Hz range. Snare drum bottom mic eq and compressor recipe. Compression was originally used to contain or restrict volume. Kick. BUT, there isn't a lot of high end EQ on it, so the snares are not as audible as when a snare drum is mixed with the usual high end EQ. 3. And remember,you must have a good Image by Danny Sheppard via Flickr / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0. Originally Posted by Amit Golan Did anyone here tried a 414 or u87 on the snare top? I try not to pull too much out of the 400hz area - the snare doesn't seem to "bump" right if I scoop too much there. An overall buildup of energy in your mix between 250-900 Hz can cause your vocals to sound boxy. Originally Posted by phillysoulman You really should have a collection of various snares for all your session needs. The bottom snare drum mic will capture a lot of the wire sound of the snares and give you … Be sure to record them on separate tracks.

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