For example: C major and A minor share the same key signature (no sharps or flats! I can help you. Title: minor scales - trumpet - Full Score Author: Joe Created Date: 3/19/2012 8:51:25 AM descending half of c melodic minor) Other than that this site has everything I need for my future with my trumpet. This has helped me a lot in school, and I’m glad I found this site. Remember that the natural minor scale is sometimes thought of as the major scale beginning on the sixth degree. Wow this is really amazing and helpful! For the piccolo trumpet, the fingering for the chromatic scale descending from the low C is as follows. I’ve experienced every problem that young trumpet players encounter and I want you to know how I have overcome those obstacles that you are now facing. Practice slowly at first, get creative and work on double and triple tongue technique. ��������ɩ�~��4S9��@���c�e�o61:Y�2+�N��^2LTDe�e�,���D�$s2�uF\;4�^�0���0F�]�lɠbR[M-�"���0�4�H%�y�^ x��}[�����{�"FP��2��B��NK����Қ}��W��ݏ����~0�1�@�_�?ry%�O��?_������/J�e�Q)w��������_��+��^����s�_���z\�v��ׁցj%h�_ߔ_ �'uN�-��|�;��r{�p��[z�Im-��Eu�� &��$�P�Z��R��2:}@��K����0Z���.�Ԓ:A� �OI��py�L�d�9S{%3�-|%�m0�Z�C7�2eI�m���b� **�N��!��ZЏ��Anc�o�w174����.�^V����������rOD]O�9�w�I���?��>T���A����_��S��R�UxѺ�*�ь����|���]�(�,�P˔��l�TP^�j�q���rH"�Fm��p�t�ǩ�s?��n��֏>\[f��|�܏� �I��Ӹ�s2��,m=���,�4���Z�ȭC�y��� ��a9#M�4:��%����C|1�[�y4���@��10�+A�-�7�g�U��U]5�!�c����*�[`��,O�¥�E`j�6���x?�ٌ� �&��\�C�}�'̲^-�Zw�Y徛�Vrg+�Z�"��a�kf�mbs���L��Ͳ��w�+�lQLX+`�X+f�yB��pvr%�5[+6Y�huV�x�N�V��&�|� Ce�-�tp��֤�Bz���^��qZ0��Z�o��}���(f!�P�4g�;�GZ����ȹ�JM���ZШ/ЁnА|����)%H���̥�#g�챤U�+ˉ���J`�3��V)O83��*Ǖ�Լ��q�7 �$�;P�9�M,C��e�/��5T��"����R��%�XAe�͹x��M�"�Dş�|H�6�xS`�Y�yq]*2��$mR>� ��� For example: C major and A minor share the same key signature (no sharps or flats! For each note the valves are listed 1st, 2nd, and 3rd valve from left to right, A / B / C / D / E / F / G / Axxo / oxo / ooo / xox / xxo / xoo / ooo / xxo, A# / B# / C# / D# / E# / F# / G# / A#xoo / ooo / xxx / oxx / xoo / oxo / oxx / xoo, B / C# / D / E / F# / G / A / Boxo / xxx / xox / xxo / oxo / ooo / xxo / oxo, C / D / Eb / F / G / Ab / Bb / Cooo / xox / oxx / xoo / ooo / oxx / xoo / ooo, C# / D# / E / F# / G# / A / B / C#xxx / oxx / xxo / oxo / oxx / xxo / oxo / xxo, D / E / F / G / A / Bb / C / Dxox / xxo / xoo / ooo / xxo / xoo / ooo / xoo, D# / E# / F# / G# / A# / B / C# / D#oxx / xoo / oxo / oxx / xoo / oxo / xxo / oxo, E / F# / G / A / B / C / D / Exxo / oxo / ooo / xxo / oxo / ooo / xoo / ooo, F / G / Ab / Bb / C / Db / Eb / Fxoo / ooo / oxx / xoo / ooo / xxo / oxo / xoo, F# / G# / A / B / C# / D / E / F#oxo / oxx / xxo / oxo / xxo / xox / ooo / oxo, G / A / Bb / C / D / Eb / F / Gooo / xxo / xoo / ooo / xoo / oxo / xoo / ooo, G# / A# / B / C# / D# / E / F# / G#oxx / xoo / oxo / xxo / oxo / ooo / oxo / oxx. Enter your email address below and get premium trumpet content delivered right to your inbox. 5 0 obj Thank you! Now, I always incorporate The Buzzing Book by Dr. James Thompson into my daily practice routine. Can you please write the Hamonic and Melodic minor scales out? Thank you so much! %�쏢 <> One Octave Major and Minor Scales Trumpet in Bb Boltz Bands Concert C Major (D Major) 7 Concert A Minor (B Minor) 13 Concert F Major (G Major) 19 Concert D Minor (E Minor) 25 Concert Bb Major (C Major) 31 Concert G Minor (A Minor) 37 Concert Eb Major (F Major) 43 V.S. Your email address will not be published. ~SW, The natural minor has been a great help thanks. I’m looking forward to posting diminished patterns for trumpet in the near future! %PDF-1.4 Concert C Minor (D Minor) Trumpet Minor Scales Learning trumpet minor scales. Your email address will not be published. Do your lips feel brittle or unresponsive? The trumpet minor scales are the same notes as on any instrument. Just one question: Where is the Eb scale? I do not recommend any products that I have not personally used with success. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Make sure to learn the natural minor first as this makes both melodic and harmonic minor easier to play and understand. Stay hip and keep honkin’ ~SW. I think it’s just me not understanding it, so some help would be nice! I store your information securely and you can cancel at any time. It is unofficially known as the trumpeter’s bible and should be part of every trumpet players resource library. The Buzzing Book was created by a master player AND teacher (Dr. James Thompson, Eastman School of Music) and is used by top players in their daily practice routine. Please visit my disclosure page for more information. Thanks. J.B. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet, ← Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Major Scales, Forties Forever Fly In with Colorado Swing →, Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Major Scales, A Brief History of 'The Original Louis Maggio System for Brass', The Original Louis Maggio Method for Brass. Essentially, when playing a scale, the fourth valve is used to play notes below the low F. The fourth valve is operated using the little finger of the right hand or the index finger of the left hand. If you want more information on practicing major and minor scales on the trumpet, make sure that you own J.B. Arban’s Complete Conservatory Method for Trumpet. This is very helpful, is it possible to put diminished triads? Glad that this site is helping! The first thing to do is take a look at our how to play trumpet beginners guide and familiarise yourself with how a trumpet works, basic music terminology and what a trumpet harmonic series is. Are you struggling to play above the staff? Stay hip and keep honkin’ 1'�F�)\_ͭʲ����E� :[����f�b�1��xbyg�8�����U��]�Cޠ���ݶ̢6�x�P� ���$���=��ո~�עT̐�1�g��k1��u���lȚ�`��P�l���,&s�!gnMd]����j'qݴsn��9�=�C4�/oZ���,���PYD_������&�� b���3�q�,l��U��K��t�,��@=* V�uId���:�X+����@K����:���������7�Ád4����g��e��. Trumpet Fingering Chart for All 12 Natural Minor Scales. Hold on nevermind, no need to reply I’m stupid: Bb is A#… Forget I was ever here! Check back soon for an update! ), with A being the sixth note of the C major scale. Of course, in the reverse, C is the third note of the A minor scale. stream The book and soundtracks are inexpensive considering that you will use them everyday for the rest of your trumpet playing career. KeyThe “o” characters stand for an open valve, while the “x” characters stand for a closed valve. Like, it goes A, D, G, C, F, Bb, but their is no Eb! Aeolian mode on C, written in ascending form for easy visual comparison (a.k.a. Next on our how to play trumpet journey we'll look at trumpet major scales.. Thank you for your support! Remember that the natural minor scale is sometimes thought of as the major scale beginning on the sixth degree. Happy practicing! I am really happy about the good work that you doing sir, I would like to know the fingering chart for the various scales like the pentatonic scale, chromatic scale, and the others. The name natural minor comes from the fact that this scale, like the major scale, simply follows the key signature – it is in its natural, unaltered form. Nova, Awesome to see you worked it out, your comments are sure to help someone else! is it possible for you to put diminished scales on here? I believe that The Buzzing Book is a truly helpful method for tone and embouchure development. Required fields are marked *. Click here to buy The Buzzing Book by Dr. James Thompson. ), with A being the sixth note of the C major scale. This website is peppered with affiliate links that track sales so that I may receive a small commission on your purchase. When I first began it helped to unlock what had previously seemed to be a secret of trumpet playing.

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