Red foods: Foods that are naturally red or contain red food coloring can turn the stool red. If the fiber intake is more, the amount of water must also increase or it will cause the constipation. Though papaya is said to be a natural remedy for the problem of constipation, the increased intake will affect the body negatively. 12. It’s the same reason that Burger King’s black Halloween burger turned consumers’ stools green back in 2015; a combination of blue, red, yellow and caramel-colored food dyes turned the burger bun black but resulted in green-colored stool because of how the dyes were digested and mixed with other fluids in the body. Otherwise, the stools can harden, leaving you constipated. Red diarrhea might occur if the food that a person eats causes food poisoning or irritates the stomach. The slowing down of muscle and brain activity in the body could trigger a paralysis side effect. The fiber gets attached to the stools and causes the problem of dehydration. But given its latex and high fiber content, excess intake of papaya may cause … Papaya enzyme’s possible toxic effects and its known ability to decrease the function of the central nervous system may cause this severe and serious side effect. Papaya is a healthful fruit with important ingredients. Can cause Constipation. 13. It’s cool. More direct research on papaya is needed to understand how it may lead to constipation. Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Papaya (1) Can Cause Unwanted Termination Of Pregnancy (2) Can Cause Carotenemia Or Skin Discoloration (3) May Give Rise To Respiratory Disorders (4) Can Cause Development of Kidney Stones (5) May Upset Stomach (6) Could Be Risky For People With Stomach Ulcers (7) Not Safe For Nursing Women Science! Conclusion.

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