Also the warranty for the accessories provided is for a year which is also an advantage for the consumer. EDITORS CHOICE. Slows just a bit at the very end of closing so the door doesn't slam. LiftMaster 8550W vs Chamberlain Group WD1000WF; Product Comparison: LiftMaster 8550W vs Chamberlain Group WD1000WF . There may be few issues with the products which are bound to happen in any product. It is one of the most sought after smartphone technology app used by garage door manufacturers. liftmaster 8550w vs Chamberlain b970. Both devices use different drive type and both are good in their own aspects. 8550w is Wifi enabled device whereas Genie 550 is provided with remote control which is compatible with HomeLink and Car2u systems. The Chamberlain Wi-Fi garage door opener is Wi-Fi enabled garage door opener that lets you open and close the garage door from anywhere you have a Wi-Fi, 3G, or 4G LTE connection using the MyQ App. In the picture above you see the Chamberlain RJO70 on the left and the Liftmaster 8500W on the right. Durability of the products is also good for all the three products. This model uses a battery backup to provide the necessary power in case the traditional means are unavailable. Advertiser Disclosure. It was packaged very well upon arrival. I was pleasantly surprised at some of the features I wasn't expecting like the motion detection activated lights and temperature and clock display on the keypad. Smart garage door opener comes with built-in myq technology to keep you connected and... Get a $30 Amazon credit. Both the device comes with parts warranty of 5 years, motor and belt warranty for a lifetime which makes both the device evenly poised here. It boils down to the customer’s choice in choosing the array of products that these companies offer to satisfy their needs. Comparatively the price of 8550w is slightly lower than b970 garage door opener. Genie 550 is provided with a limited motor warranty for a period of 10 years, 5 years for the chain drive type and 1 year for accessories and parts of the garage door opener device. Check top selling garage door openers at Amazon. One can change the code of the key if the code is available to multiple users at ease. Please be advised that the operator of this site accepts advertising compensation from certain companies that appear on the site, and such compensation impacts the location and order in which the companies (and/or their products) are presented, and in some cases may also impact the scoring that is assigned to them. Separate instructions are provided for setting up the wireless keypad and it was very simple to set up as well. It’s a good feature provided in b970 over its rival 8550w. Some of them have a great power, some of them have the design that will consume you with one sight and some garage door openers have the features that are unique … Chamberlain b970 does come with a battery backup in case there is a power outage, but in case of Genie 550 there is no battery backup provided with the device. Garage door opener is an important part of the house. Chain drive type is made up of reinforced steel material which is very sturdy and efficient is usage when compared to belt drive type which is made up of synthetic material. Very quiet. If you're looking for a garage door opener, stop searching and just buy this one! Check top selling garage door openers at Amazon. 8550w is loaded with good features and is preferred among the buyers. Included wifi a great option, allowing one to open remotely (deliveries etc). With that, it is easy for you to access & control the device from the smartphone/ tablet. Battery backup is a good feature provided in b970 devices as in case of a power failure the battery would come in handy to operate the device. Timer to close is a feature provided in both 8550w and b970. Hence my take is LiftMaster 8550w is better equipped here and should be the go to product. After a thorough research, one can come to a conclusion that the Genie 550 is a better product with good features and affordable price when compared to Chamberlain b970 device. All in all would suggest that based on the consumer’s needs and budget there are garage openers available which has been highlighted in this article. The 8550W Liftmaster is powerful too and you will be surprised that its quiet. The only other difference is the inside control panels are slightly different styles, but they both function identically. Remote is provided with led flash lights in Genie 550 devices. LiftMaster 8550w is provided with a warranty of 5 years and lifetime warranty for the motor and the belt with 1 year warranty for the accessories. The remote control, and notification features seems to perform very well so far, and this unit is far quieter than my previous screw drive opener. Both the devices use the same technology and the security of the door is guaranteed by both the companies. Battery backup is a good feature provided in 8550w and b970 devices as in case of a power failure the battery would come in handy to operate the device. Here Genie 550 is best priced with almost very good features when compared to LiftMaster 8550w device. Hence my take is 8550w is the clear leader in terms of pricing aspect of the product. Intellicode technology is a technology where the access code is changed each time the door is activated to help prevent unauthorized persons from entering the garage. Again it’s a tie between the 8550w and b970 devices. The DC powered garage door openers, is for people who want no noise at all while opening and closing the garage door. Due to this effect, 8550w Wifi is more capable and efficient than b970 garage door opener. Moreover, we can use those features to determine the winner of the Liftmaster vs Chamberlain garage door opener battle. The chamberlain universal remote can even operate up to two different brands of garage door Openers. Chamberlain b730 vs b750 vs b550 vs b970 vs b980 vs b1381 LiftMaster vs Chamberlain vs Genie comparison Now in case of the residential garage door openers would prefer and advice the users to go for 8500w hands down as the product is loaded with better features compared to 8500 and 3800. So far my experience with it is mediocre. The Safety sensors work beautifully and eases my mind now that we have a little one or future pets. Chain drive type is made up of reinforced steel material which is very sturdy and efficient is usage when compared to belt drive type which is made up of synthetic material. Accessories provided with the product are an important aspect while purchasing a device. It is just as fast, or slightly slower than the Genie screwdrive that I had previous to this. Hence users should remember their key codes always. Keyless entry also forms an important aspect in cases where if there are multiple persons visiting your home or the garage at different time to clean or repair and what not, keyless entry comes in handy here. As a result, an average Liftmaster opener can lift heavier doors than a Chamberlain. Genie 550 is manufactured without the Wifi connectivity. ), Alert-2-Close/Unattended Close Operation, Maintenance Alert System, Motion Detection Feature on Control Panel, Emergency/Quick Release, Automatic Trolley Reconnect, Ventilation/Pet Opening, Down Safety Reverse, Up Safety Stop, Safety Beam Obstruction Turns Lights On, Emergency Release, Illuminated Wall Control, Illuminated buttons/display, Manual Release Handle, Safety sensor, What customers say about "Security And Safety", Chamberlain B970 Strong Belt Drive Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster 3900 Light Duty Commercial Jackshaft Operator, LiftMaster 8500 Cable Lifted Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster 3800 Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener, LiftMaster 8550W vs Chamberlain Group WD1000WF. Also the warranty for the accessories provided is for a year which is also an advantage for the consumer. We have reviewed several of them, know their strengths and advantages.

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