Service will resume on the 1st December. Malden, MA: Blackwell. 1997. Consumer culture and modernity. Oxford Bibliographies Online is available by subscription and perpetual access to institutions. In this sense consumer culture arguably lies at the heart of the relationship between structure and agency in contemporary society. It is a collection of lively and engaging works that illuminate the kind of innovative and challenging research, as well as the diverse positions and contexts that have helped shape this dynamic discipline. In this well-curated volume, editors Arnould and Thompson bring coherence to the eclectic CCT field and make it approachable for a broad audience. Consumerism reconsidered: Buying and power. Traditionally social science has tended to regard consumption as a trivial by-product of production. 2d ed. Ritzer, George. Gabriel, Yiannis, and Tim Lang. London: SAGE. This chapter will focus on the area of consumer … SAGE Stock Take: Please be aware SAGE Distribution (including Customer Services) will be closed from 25th-30th November. Sassatelli, Roberta. The McDonaldization of society: An investigation into the changing character of contemporary social life. R. Sassatelli (2007) Consumer Culture. The structure of the book is designed to help students map the field in the way it is interpreted by researchers and follows the conceptual mapping in the classic Arnould & Thompson 2005 journal article. Right from the opening pages it is clear that this is no run-of-the-mill textbook. Lury, Celia. Gabriel and Lang argue that the key barrier to consumer choice is money. A sociologically informed view of the theoretics of consumer culture, this engaging collection of essays by a distinguished group of international scholars orients readers to the interplay of ideology and materiality in the contemporary world. E-mail Citation » In one of the most comprehensive of the key textbooks on consumer culture, Sassatelli presents a rich interpretation of the diverse range of theoretical approaches to consumer culture. Each chapter tackles a complex theoretical issue in CCT and brings it to life with verve. Replete with compelling examples and provocative pedagogy, the text is classroom friendly and sure to promote discussion. Slater, Don. Introduction: What is Consumer Culture Theory? Consumer culture. PDF | On Jan 1, 2007, Roberta Sassatelli published Consumer Culture: History, Theory and Politics | Find, read and cite all the research you need on ResearchGate One of the achievements of her contribution is to balance the needs of a range of disciplines, including sociology, history, geography, and economics. Consumer culture: History, theory and politics. June 2018 | 368 pages | SAGE Publications Ltd, Chapter 1: Consumers Volitional Identity Projects, Chapter 2: Family & Collective Identity Projects, Chapter 3: Critical Reflections on Consumer Identity, Chapter 4: Consumption Tribes and Collective Performance, Chapter 5: Consumer Produced, Emergent & Hybrid Markets, Chapter 6: Glocalization of Marketplace Cultures, Part 3: The Socio-Historic Patterning of Consumption, Luca Visconti, Shona Bettany, Pauline MacLaran, Robert L. Harrison III, Kevin D. Thomas, Samantha N. N. Cross, Part 4: The Ideological Shaping of Consumption Practices and Consumers' Co-creative Appropriations, Chapter 11: Neoliberalism and Consumption, Chapter 12: Social Distinction and Practices of Taste, Chapter 13: Consumer Resistance & Subaltern Consumption, Jayne and Hans Hufschmid Chair of Strategic Public Relations at USC Annenberg, Professor of Marketing, University of Southern Denmark, Professor of Marketing and Tanenbaum Chair of Entrepreneurship, Schulich School of Business, York University, Professor of Marketing, University of Birmingham, Professor of Advertising and PR, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University, Jr. Herrick Chair of Marketing, University of Notre Dame, Bilkent University, Turkey and SKEMA, France, McClelland Professor of Marketing, and Professor of Sociology, University of Arizona, Resources to help you transition to teaching online, Consumer Culture Theory is one of the most exciting areas of interdisciplinary inquiry today. 4 Consumer Culture theory define consumer culture theory, outline its general contours with the help of some recent examples, and finally outline the book itself.

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