�J�]��Ҩ����"�D.�H�~�DYHv�A����J*�k���9���+�9/A������ҧ,�SbpLx���-*q�k��ޓY[�� v`^W�(|cVm�#��"㚎����:>���&�;�v=�ڡ��c3�.E�߂���l� Students could complete a design that could harness the methane and pipe it to homes. Answer B is a LIE. FIGURE A.1 Earth's radiation balance. Viruses are a bad model for primitive life, they are evolutionary dead ends that have become an inextricable part of their hosts. 2 0 obj As to that smog itself, is it mostly absorbing or is it mostly reflecting that uv. Free radical catabolism based intelligent life on Titan is bound to come to the mistaken belief that, even if life in Earth’s oceans is possible, the fact that it is too warm to use many free radicals would make it hundreds of times more sluggish than life on Titan due to the sever constraints of diffusion limitations!!! Methane may also be evidence of life on the planet, although there are also non-biological sources of methane. Alternatively, if our medium of life were nonpolar (as it would be for methane based life) sugars would be naturally anhydrous, and thus would be expected to have a much higher effective energy density than they do here on Earth! Yes, The earth may have been hotter or colder in the past, but we need the earth to work for our needs not the pasts needs 5. Author has 1.7k answers and 2.3m answer views. Based on this statement, should changes in Earth’s climate cause anxiety? But the fact that Titan does show signs of such depletion isn’t necessarily indicative of life, for these signs are themselves dependent on atmospheric models that are still in play, and in any case we know little about other processes that could mimic the same characteristics without implications for life. If we do the same calculations by weight hydrogen would win the contest potential to deliver energy flows to active life by a factor of twenty. This would serve the purpose of holding things together, but it would not form a physical barrier separating inside from outside. Asimov’s is a great essay, very mind-opening about the possibilities. That makes Titan ‘Earthlike’ in the sense that our initial view showed a landscape with the clear signs of running liquid, but this is a world where temperatures dip to 94 K (-179 Celsius) and water is the local analog of rock. Methane based life will have less energy for chemical reactions. Also, If Houtkouper and Schulze-Makuch were indeed right its production would have been much more useful as a store of energy, and under Titanian conditions it would be exceptional in that role. McKay’s work suggests that such active M-dwarfs would dissociate atmospheric molecules on a Titan-like world, making the place more and more smoggy and reducing the surface temperature. Link. Answers: STUDENT WORKSHEET: Methane Mayhem. By contrast, I can think of two scenarios for an Europan ecosystem that cap its activity at 0.0001W/sqkm (one being that it is fed by hydrothermals). http://www.physorg.com/news/2012-01-lakes-storms-saturn-moon-titan.html. Could life exist on a world with a methane rather than a water cycle? I don’t think we know enough about the totality of cryogenic chemical species to assert that there is such a dearth. 1. anaerobic 2.. caused by humans B 3.he type and quality of feed given to livestock contributes to the amount of methane released during the T animals’ digestion. You can also have exotic metabolites while being pedestrian otherwise, as most terrestrial thermophiles are. Saturn’s largest moon, Titan, is an intriguing, alien world that’s covered in a thick atmosphere with abundant methane.

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