Also, if you try to select other sources, do you get that same message (CD,AUX, TV, etc. Hi, I am trying to connect my Denon AV receiver to my home internet network. However since the past 2 days this is not working, and i get a "No Connection" message on the AVR screen. Hey gang, I have a Denon X-3400H unit that that I cannot get connected to the "main" wireless network. Dear experts, i have a Denon AVR X2000 since the past 2 months, and have always plugged in my 1TB Seagate portable harddrive to the front USB port to play music from. Wifi Connection Issue with Denon Receiver. I just tried SiriusXM online chat, and they directed me to this number 866-463-5326. This unit cannot recognize the USB memory device. ... "No Connection" is displayed. Disconnect and reconnect the USB memory device. link. Thanks The receiver has a wired ethernet port, but no wireless. ... • Some external factors may be affecting the wireless connection. To add a Denon Network Receiver to your installation, click Configuration in the sidebar, then click Integrations. It's for their Advanced Product Support, something like that. Now have you selected the Sirius Source setting on the Denon? Okay, Sirius uses a direct connection to the Denon, and does not require an internet connection, so the "No network connection check config", would be telling you something else. Modify the network environment by taking measures such as shortening the distance from the wireless LAN access point. If I attempt to manually enter the password and join the wifi network, the receiver fails to connect and reports the password is incorrect. INTEGRATED NETWORK AV RECEIVER. I've tried resets , using static IP vs DHCP, nothing helps - an XBOX 360, Denon BD player are using the same hardwired connection (switch) and the other devices as well as a satt set top box all do not have connectivity issues. Denon receiver troubleshooting is the first helpmate for specialists while repair works of these high-tech machines. Hit configure and go through the steps to specify the optional settings. This unit does not support a connection through a USB hub. Anyone have a fix for the no internet connection error? My modem and router are upstairs, and the receiver is downstairs in a room that I have just retrofitted to be a … Denon and Marantz receivers should be discovered automatically and should show up in the overview. “No connection” is displayed. Mass storage class compatible USB memory devices are supported. The guy I talked to claimed they have received other complaints about the "No Network Connection" issue and are working on fixing it. )?

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