Overall teams in the Enterprise Company have posses committed and well attitude employees by having mutual trust. There is need to pay more attention to an analysis of unethical behavior in leadership and its relation to corporate culture. The employees are working good as they are satisfied with company’s policies and benefits. The usage of technology for both companies has reduced the time for their products and services. The Enterprise Company has mixed management approach. As already pointed out, organizational culture exists whether you want it to or not. It has more focus to retain leaders than motivated and committed workers. The advantages for Enterprise structure is that it has committed and good skill employees whereas the disadvantage is that some employees are not satisfied because they don’t have decision making power. They shared their ideas with each others, have common feelings, mutual influences, and frequent interaction. My attitude of workplace diversity is straight forward. Some of employees are contributing very well and they want to meet company’s vision but at the same time some employees are facing difficulties during their work as they are facing autocratic management style. 1.3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Culture: All types of cultures have some advantages and disadvantages. Tarmac Ltd has clear vision to retain its employees for long time. The competition within the team can be threat for the team. Thoughts, beliefs, morals, and feedback all help to motivate us. 1.3: Advantages and Disadvantages of Organization Culture: There are some advantages and some disadvantages in each type of the organization. People are more concerned and evaluated on achieving goals and competition. In Tarmac employees are facing high competition in race of winning incentives and bonuses and this competition has increased much conflict within the teams. Technological advancement and achievement has proven itself as a main key factor for the success of the business. The values and the behaviour of the organization that describes how the organization treats with its employees, suppliers, customers and wider community and in response of that behaviour and values of the organization how the employees, suppliers and wider community treats with the organization is called organization culture. The main advantage of this structure for the Tarmac Ltd is that it has committed employees who are keeping themselves busy to gain company’s mission. All are busy and directed to gain one mutual goal. The reaction of an individual under some circumstances to some specific actions defines the behaviour. While they have influence over the evolution of culture by espousing desired values, they cannot ensure the emergence of a monoculture. This is the threat factor for team. This company has mission to be the first choice in market for building material and services and to achieve that mission it has more focus to retain its employees. Tarmac is using technology for new ideas and innovation in its building material and Enterprise for its renting car services. Rent a Car Enterprise has both type of structure centralized and decentralized as well. The team members’ attitude and commitment towards goals is very important. The mission of the company is to be first choice for building material and services and to gain this mission each and every employee of the company is contributing with full honest and dedication. slide Organizational Culture Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people and the symbolic structures that give such activities significance and importance. The manufacturing process has been exceeding at a rapid pace and it also reduced the daily costs for the company. Last is cultural awareness this is where the employees are taught that all people are not the same. More importantly, Mr. Hoang also instructs me how to apply the knowledge gained through this course for enhancing my personal development. All people in the organization behave and treats with each other just like a family. All the members of team has some specific complementary skills and competencies to work together to gain one specific goal. The company has huge focus in leadership to complete any task. Some teams’ leader of this company employs autocratic style and some of them have democratic style.

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