The American Elite Precision 4-String is … This particular bass is so new in fact that we have it in on loan from our friends at the music store DV247 - which is why we have left the protective wrapping on the instrument too, in … Fender American Elite Series review. Write a user review Prices starting at $1,850 Average price: $2,031 ... the same as that of the US Elite series, ... as for the legions of traditional, loyal customers. I put Dunlop Marcus Miller Super Brite strings on it and it cuts threw the mix like nobody's biz chip134 , srxplayer and droopman like this. It’s as far as you can go in quality and features without making the jump to the Custom Shop, where the sky is the limit. Where I live, I rarely have to adjust the basses. It’s the bridge that bugs me the most. I have a jazz V elite. Fender has always made great products, especially basses, and a lot of the vintage Fender basses are still out there being worked hard every day. I top load my strings because I believe bending them sharply (especially the thick ones), contributes to killing the string. The American Elite v jazz is a well made easy playing great sounding bass. Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V has 0 ratings (Score 0 out of 5 based on 0 ratings ).. Disclaimer. The Fender American Professional Jazz is the best ‘US standard’ version we’ve yet had. Part of the reason we say this, at least for this particular review bass, is the contemporary … ... but we can’t help thinking that there must be plans for an Elite Precision or Jazz secreted somewhere at Fender HQ. American Elite Jazz Bass V, 5+ string bass guitar from Fender in the American Elite series. Another new entry from Fender is the Fender American Elite Precision 4-String Bass. Brand-new from Fender USA we have the rather superb American Elite Jazz Bass, soon to be covered in my paw prints! For electronics, the American Professional Jazz is outfitted with a pair of V-Mod Jazz bass pickups—a clever single-coil design from longtime Fender builder Michael Bump that utilizes a blend of alnico 2 magnets (on the bass side) and alnico 5 magnets (on the treble side). The Fender Elite Jazz V is the next step in the lineage of their premier active USA Jazz bass, replacing the Deluxe line. Many of the new features we’ll be describing are common to all models, ... Fender American Elite Series Stratocaster I mainly use mine in passive mode and is a fine bass … This page contains information, pictures, videos, user generated reviews, automatically generated review and videos about Fender American Elite Jazz Bass V but we do not warrant the quality, accuracy or completeness of any information on our web site.

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