Add a few to the tail-end of a strength workout to burn out your arms, or program a handful into your next arms-day workout to build three-dimensional muscle. You must actively pinch two plates (or more) together so they don’t slip. The chest, shoulders, quads, biceps, triceps—pretty much every muscle group—have overshadowed the Popeye-like forearms were once the primary goal of gym rats.. Dudes and would do anything, including eating tons of spinach, to create them. 6 of the Best Exercises to Add to Your Forearm Workouts We’ve rounded up some of the most effective exercises to improve grip strength and help develop bigger forearms. If you want to bulk up your upper body, hit your muscles from every angle with these 25 forearms exercises and say sayonara to your skinny arms. Forearm Exercises: Avoid skinny arms with these muscle-building moves to develop real grip strength and a more symmetrical physique. Do 6 reps on each side for 3-4 sets. The mixed-style close-grip pushup, a move from Ebenezer Samuel, C.S.C.S. (If you don’t have a Fat Grip, wrap a small towel around the handle.) Your upper body also looks and functions more symmetrically. Hold an end of the towel in each hand. Train this grip by varying the way you hold your weights. This workout combines cardio and weight-lifting drills for serious body-sculpting results. With a dumbbell held tightly in each hand, cheat the weights, like you are doing a clean, and then move the weights to the top position of a curl. Once you are close to the ground, push your body up to get back to the initial position. Plate tosses build a machine-like grip and massive forearms because you’ll have to snatch a heavy, moving target from the air. Stand tall as tall as you can, tighten your core, and walk. Wrap two towels around a pullup bar. Busting bicep curls all day and not seeing results? Place hands slightly behind you, … Lie on your right side with your right hand directly underneath your right shoulder. Loop a thick towel around a barbell making sure your hands are  still able to completely close when you grasp it. With your shoulders back and your arms locked at a 90-degree angle to the floor, curl the dumbbells toward your shoulders. Lower the bar with control without locking your elbows. Use a thicker bar to build huge forearms because it forces you to squeeze harder just to hold the same amount of weight and elevates your neural drive. Do 8 repetitions and repeat on the other side. Do 5-6 sets of 4-8 reps; if you can do more, use a heavier plate. A trap bar carry lets you to carry much more weight than a farmer’s carry, which increases your forearm strength and total-body stability. Over time, stronger forearms will allow you to increase your ability to lift more and generate a more powerful force as you perform each exercise. You must reduce your reps with each set, so add more weight each time. Men’s Journal has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services. Grab a kettlebell in the bottoms-up position: holding the handle with the round, weighted part above your hand. If this is too hard, however, start with just one hand grabbing a towel and the other hand grabbing the pullup bar. Pinch carries activate your forearms by forcing you to squeeze your fingers so the plates don’t separate. Start about waist-high, drop the plate, and reach down to catch it by its end. It also develops a stronger core and improves your shoulder stability. We know that pull-ups build a strong grip and thick arms. Here, we give you the best exercises to add to your forearm workouts to not only build massive forearms but also increase your grip strength. Kneel down by a bench or sturdy object, and bring your fingertips down on the … For all these exercises, try adding chalk for extra activation. For more information please read our, 7 Agonizing 2-minute Workouts That’ll Torch Every Muscle in Your Body, The 10 Most Popular Celebrity Workouts of All Time, Why Miller High Life is the Classiest Compromise at the Dive Bar, Three Can’t-Go-Wrong Tech Gifts That Everyone on Your List Will Love, The Coolest Pieces of Gear We Tested This Week, Nearly Everything From the Art of Shaving Line is On Sale At Amazon For Black Friday, Upgrade Your Home With Amazon’s Black Friday Deals. Gripping a towel instead of … Squeeze your biceps hard at the top of the curl, slowly moving them back to the start position. 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Unlike the previous exercises—which engage both your forearms and plenty of other muscles—grip crushers isolate your grip and forearms only. To use this as a warmup drill to stimulate total-body stability, do 2-3 sets for 20 yards. Fat bars and grips turn almost any upper body pulling exercise into a forearm exercise. Sit and grasp a straight or EZ bar with a shoulder-width grip, extend your arms but don’t lock them. Then, do 2-3 sets with a gripper than you can fully close 5-10 times. Simply put: Forearm exercises belong in everyone’s training regimen.eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'mensjournal_com-under_second_paragraph','ezslot_2',164,'0','0'])); Failing to incorporate targeted exercises can result in weak grip strength. To add this to your workout, warm up with easier resistances first. Lie face-up on the bench, keeping your feet planted on the ground. In an athletic stance, hold a bumper plate by its end in front of you. Then, alternate sides. You’re about to start. Stay as tall as you can and keep your abs tight and your shoulders pulled back. Why: Rarely do we spend time stretching our forearms. Do 10 reps and switch sides. Sign up for our newsletter to get the latest adventures, workouts, destinations, and more. You’ll have to pulverize the handle just to keep the kettlebell stable and balanced, and as you press overhead, you’ll also tighten all the muscles in your body to drive force from the ground to your arm. Your forearms don’t get the respect they deserve. The forearm has made way for other body parts such as the strong muscular back, shoulder, or even calves. Hook a towel to a cable pulley and stand in front and set up to do a row. Gripping a towel instead of the bar, however, skyrockets the work on your forearms—now, you have to crush the towels just to stay up and squeeze even tighter to pull yourself up. Use whatever width is most comfortable for you. Check out our definitive guide. With your upper arms flush against the pad, curl the weight as high as possible and squeeze the contraction. Try These Workouts and Exercises Close-Grip Pushup. All rights reserved. Follow these fit women we're crushing on for inspiration, workout ideas, and motivation. Load a trap bar with a heavy weight, stand inside, lift it up, and start walking. Don't waste your time (or potentially injure yourself) with these ar... Make sure these arm exercises are part of your regular routine. 1. Instead of doing a bicep curl with a dumbbell, use a plate and grab it by its end. The next step to big, menacing forearms is to increase how hard your fingers can pinch together. Not only do thicker, fuller forearms give you a more aesthetically imposing look, but they increase your strength capacity in exercises like the deadlift.

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