That's a separate question as EK's level 7 ability doesn't interfere ability with using your action to cast GFB or BB. The economics of this transaction: your enemy traded a level 3 spell slot for a level 0 slot. Is this a problem? #24 Apr 19, 2019. zgrat. You can be a bladelock using a pact longbow+1. \$\endgroup\$ – Xirema Aug 9 '19 at 17:45. Edit 1: I'm not 100% sure of the custom cantrip he'll be using at this point. Another option is to just use one of those two cantrips instead. if booming blade or green flame blade are counter-spelled, You have discovered that your enemy is a fool. This is mostly useful for Eldritch Knights and Arcane Tricksters, as the other builds cannot use their spellcasting ability (with the strange exception of Battlemasters, as the text of the spell describes it as a magic weapon) for the attack and damage rolls for the weapon. Spells like Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade do indeed make attacks, and are attacks; but they do not involve taking the 'Attack Action'. Re: Arcana cleric: booming blade or green flame blade? One of my players wants to know if he can use a custom cantrip that is similar to Booming Blade/Green Flame Blade. Re: Booming blade vs green flame blade This really depends on how your DM throws monsters at you and your your build. Booming Blade and Green Flame Blade include a melee attach as part of the action. * Green flame does not permit other magical (or other) weapon effects -- frost swords, poisoned blades, etc. You can't use green flame on ranged weapons. However, he plays a Bard. For example, if the DM likes to have monsters use Disengage to escape being ganged up, then Booming Blade is a great deterrent. A strong answer stands on its own - arguing for a position rather than against others. It says so in the spell. You can throw your Divine Smites in there as you like until you run out of spell slots. * Pact weapons can be ranged (if you find a magical ranged weapon). Feast upon them. As part of the action used to cast this spell, you must make a melee attack with a weapon against one creature within the spell's range, otherwise the spell fails. View … Quick question on the combo: The Arcane cleric gets to add his wisdom to damage on cleric cantrips. You still get the multiple attacks with thirsting blade. zgrat. Booming Blade (2h+): Damage dealt by Booming Blade with a two-handed weapon if the target moves and triggers the secondary damage. You just won that exchange. Round two, War Magic (Booming Blade, Green Flame Blade) [Thunderous Smite triggers off weapon attack] + bonus action (weapon attack). The blade created by the spell counts as the material component needed for Booming Blade/Green-Flame Blade. Just keep in mind that you can't cast Thunderous Smite and use the bonus action weapon attack from war magic during the same round. 6 \$\begingroup\$ The references to "@everyone" position this answer as a response to other answers. Green-Flame Blade (2h): Damage dealt by Green-Flame Blade while using a two-handed weapon like a greatsword.

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