Purple. But then the weather turned warm. I actually made a chocolate sweet potato ice cream the other day too similar to yours but by freezing the sweet potato by itself first and then blending everything up–so good! That purple one has become my go-to summer sweet treat, and I’ve been working on some banana-free date smoothies too! Add more milk/frozen raspberries to desired consistency. Blend on high until the chia seeds are fully broken down and the mixture begins to thicken. The colors of this post just makes me so happy too, if it didn’t take so long I would do these triple rainbow posts more often , How do you make your smoothies look SO gorgeous?? And everything around here is egg free too Good luck with the new diet and I hope you enjoy these smoothies! You know, I’m not even sad about the no bananas anymore because it’s been so much fun experimenting with other smoothie ways! Light coconut milk for the green. Blend peanuts and berries in your handblender “bucket” with the milk and water until creamy. Hi there! Keep doing the beautiful things that you do ❤️ ❤️. As I’ve mentioned, I’m sorta taking things slow with fruit these days. Combine the milk, chia seeds, and frozen sweet potato, in a blender. Coconut shavings are good for you in very little amounts because they have a very high-fat content. A banana-free smoothie made with tangy tart raspberries and chunks of frozen sweet potato for a thick creamy texture. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Each of these smoothies is a template – a combo of ingredients that texturally works. Too many frozen ingredients → it’s like drinking a snow cone. Mix and match or sub and swap as you wish, but happy banana-free blending! Strawberries have lots and lots of vitamin C and many other anti-aging antioxidants, Peanuts are great to suppress appetite, control blood sugar levels and their consumption is inversely related to diabetes 2. Yes my fridge is just as full of cartons and cans and jars as you are imagining. Blend until thick and ice cream like. It does seem like the word “banana” is just implied in all smoothie titles, like smoothie = banana without even saying it, But I am actually loving regularly making these banana free ones even more! The purple one is my favorite because I love the color is so much!! Hell to the yes! Pineapple is pretty strong and sweet, so I bet it masks it pretty well. These smoothies aren’t really supposed to be ice cream texture as written, but if you want to achieve that texture you will need less milk (maybe 1/3 cup) and more frozen stuff. Besides the fruit though, each smoothie has a different creamy boost along with a spoonful of chia seeds so you will not miss those bananas one bit. And sweet potatoes are just as amazingly versatile as bananas themselves I think…maybe more since they can do sweet and savory. Learn how your comment data is processed. https://www.yummly.com/recipes/green-smoothie-without-banana Add more milk/frozen blueberries to desired consistency. strawberry cheesecake smoothie bowl with no bananas. Perfect for pairing with chocolate toppings! They actually all taste unique as opposed to just slightly different variations of banana The sweet potato was awesome for texture. Because hair’s made out of keratin. Ever since I saw this video on FB, I’ve been dying to come over and read your post!! Also, super happy for you that you’ve found what works best for your tummy! I will have to try this one on Olivia and see if she can taste the avocado. Necessity is the mother of banana-free delicious invention Haha the topping float test–I feel like that should be a thing. So each blend has a perfect balance of both, but with 3 different unseen base ingredients so you have plenty of options. I put chia seeds in almost all my smoothies these days for thickness, and yes sweet potato makes amazing creamy texture. My tummy is so much happier these days! As far as the flavors, I’m all about bananas normally, but these will most definitely help me branch out when I get the itch for some variety…I mean, cashew butter in a smoothie bowl?! I used about 1/2 of a medium sweet potato for one smoothie, but the cubes will last in the freezer for a while. Enjoy! Add the frozen raspberries. I’m big on using sweet potatoes in baking and raw desserts, so I’m all over that one. , Oh well I’m so happy you found these then! Good luck and happy blending! Non-dairy milk. Although somehow I’m guessing that’s a very very apocalyptic-level rare occasion Banana-based blending or not, definitely try the cashew butter addition–it’s so dreamy! Sadly, I reacting to raw bananas at the moment. I have just been told by my doctor after a lot of testing to not eat bananas so your post is heaven sent to me I must exclude eggs as well so many of your recipes are on point for me. They are absolutely customizable, i’ve made that blueberry one with all kinds of different milks and it comes out a little different but delish every time Haha yes the frozen banana blender abuse is real. Haha not anymore. Coconut shavings? Vibrant, creamy, and thick enough to deserve a spoon – skip the bananas and blend up these frosty fruity lower-sugar smoothie bowls instead! Plus…i think you killed it on the banana front already ha! Will definitely try them out thanks Natalie! Which I’m allergic to. Thanks for making my life a little easier! Because why not sneak in veg under the guise of fruity almost-froyo? I’m also with you…love eating my smoothies rather than drinking them, especially since the toppings stay afloat. I used about 1/2 of a small-medium sweet potato per smoothie.

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