The wider grip will mirror the standard pressing width so you stay in a more advantageous glenohumeral position and really test the lats and back muscles to the max. Though it may be unconventional and different, that may be what you need. Most hex bars offer two handle positions, one that’s a traditional barbell height and one that’s a few inches higher. Of course, I can go through and nitpick here and there about how some benefits are good in certain cases, while potentially negative in others — but let’s discuss the top 3 hex bar deadlift benefits and why they are so awesome. As I said, the hex bar’s construction makes deadlifting completely different. Usually, some of the most unconventional and different approaches are the best. That is a neutral grip, to your sides, like you would use to lift two grocery bags. I highly recommend it to everyone, but just based on its build, all you seasoned heavy lifters out there will love the hex bar. Furthermore, using the hex bar as a platform for deadlifts helps to build up your strength and muscle, but it doesn’t prepare you much for other deadlifts. This is a small detail, but it helps to get to use this small detail in our lifts. And if your goal is strength and muscle and you’re not prepping for a powerlifting competition, then deadlifting with proper form is going to serve you in the long run more than deadlifting with the barbell. Mainly, your quads will be carrying most of the burden to help you complete the lift, whereas conventional deadlift will often have people straining their backs. If your technique isn’t perfect, you wind up using your lower back, and taking focus off your glutes and hamstrings. You’ve likely done dumbbell floor presses before to work on bench pressing technique. Maybe some of you haven’t even used, seem, or heard of a hex bar! However, I can almost guarantee that your last set of 5 on the hex bar was easier than on the Olympic barbell. The construction and frame of the hex bar are good for their ability to make a durable deadlift platform. A post shared by David Otey, PPSC, CSCS (@davidoteyfit). This allows you to be more comfortable and not need to get as low for your deadlift pull. No longer will your reach progressive overload and up the weight. Whether due to injury or lack of technical proficiency, movements such as RDLs, shrugs, and bent-over rows work great on a hex bar. Hex-bar Deadlift 4 4-6 2-min Front Squat 3 8-12 2-min Walking Lunge 3 8-12 1-min. It’s pretty simple, really: You load a barbell up with weight, grab it with a shoulder-width grip, plant your feet on the floor and lift. The torque of the barbell deadlift results in high stress on the joint systems supporting the movement, especially the lower back. Instead of needing to use a mixed grip or pronated grip, you get something more natural. Grab the hex bar handles, whether high or low in their center. Of course, it is similar to your conventional deadlift in how you pull and lock the hips forward. With a shorter range of motion and a more balanced, straight up, straight down leverage, the hex bar feels superior to using a standard Olympic barbell. Today I’m going to show you exactly what is the best weight lifting belt for squats, dead lifts, powerlifting, and just working out in general so you’ll have... You’re asking: What muscle groups do deadlifts work? But not everyone can do this, or should need to focus on it, and that’s where the hex bar changes things up. However, when using something like a hex bar, I must recommend our Dark Iron Fitness suede lifting straps. The deadlift is a heavily hip-dominant pattern when done right. That’s 1 rep. Not sure where to start? Now, stand up, focusing on lifting with your legs. Our hex bar deadlift standards are based on 321,000 lifts by Strength Level users. That said, it also reduces the moment on the hip joint (while increasing the moment on the knee and ankle joints). Your secret weapon for deadlifting just arrived (and it'll help some other lifts too). MVP Live: The Men's Health Deadlift Clinic, Dropping the Weights and Doing the Deadlifts. If you have a hex bar available to you at the gym or own one in your home, then you’re in luck! The hex bar deadlift targets your quadriceps more than a standard deadlift. At the same time, the hex bar is often more joint-friendly, and it also lets us really capture our full-body power, since we’re not fighting center of mass issues. What center of mass issues? 2. The main differences between the hex bar deadlift and conventional deadlifts have to do with form and positioning, but we’ve talked about that enough! But don’t let that scare you. While the cap bars are basic but cost effective. You gain the benefits of squats without having to hold a loaded barbell on your back as in a conventional squat. That’s up next. This will mirror the position you might take with a dumbbell row to some extent, although you get to attack the load with both arms instead of one. And not only if you use heavier weights. Throwing a pair of 5-pound plates onto the hex bar changes the movement pattern to set you up from lifting lower, but your body may not be comfortable doing that.

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