Others have a decent, clean social life because of what their religion has taught them. When one lives life aware of the importance of politics, aware that every decision has an impact on an entire population, aware that your individual behaviour is not the result of just you and those immediately around you, but it is also a result of governance, one can acknowledge why it’s worth fighting for. Several studies show that religion does have an effect on people. That’s followed by the impact of their religious beliefs (15%) and political analysts on television (12%). My little sister is also an agnostic doctor sort, probably because she just doesn’t care about religion. In a society where anxiety seems higher than ever, this may be one of the most appealing aspects of religion. When people want to change, they often turn to religion. Religion is a strange subject, and quite an influential one in my life. Religion has an effect on different areas of life, if the religious person allows that to happen. My older sister is an agnostic scientist sort, a bit of a satanist. Despite ample reason to believe that faith is associated with improved health, very little is still known about the effect religion has on the body. To survive is one thing–even stones do that–but to live is a completely different thing. The Spanish Inquisition, Bloody Mary Tudor executing Protestants, the Salem Witch Hunts, the Holocaust, right up to the Islamic Jihads of today – all manifestations of the impact of religion on human behavior. You pray before you eat, you go to mass every sunday, you give God thanks for everything you have, you might treat people differently, as to pretending to be nice even though you really don't like that person because God said not to be mean to people. Religion is one of the main reasons why people are afraid of living. Religious people are happier, healthier, and more likely to help people. One of these areas is the area of social values. Many people choose to have very moral, social values and their reasoning has nothing to do with their religion. Religious skeptics – those who are atheists, agnostics, or have no religious affiliations – are the least likely of any faith group to admit to being influenced by external sources. So how exactly does religion negatively impact society? When I say ‘living’ I don’t mean just surviving. Let’s find out… Religion is filling people with fear. Though the specifics of what we should change and how vary by tradition, the promise that our lives will become more peaceful through spiritual practice runs through many traditions. Religion is a huge factor or peoples lives. Based on peoples beliefs, it affects the way they live their whole life and day to day things.

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