When we learn a new language, we are keeping our brains exercised, young, and beautiful! This estimate is average because of a few things: If you’ve made it this far in our post, it’s likely that you are already an intermediate-level learner, which cuts the hours you need to achieve fluency down to around 600. This is a great resource for you as an English learner, and it will help you decide the direction you’d like to take in your English fluency journey. It’s not like getting a Christmas present  where you have it from one moment to the next. No matter what your schedule looks like, the reality is that learning English takes time. HOW MUCH TIME DOES IT TAKE TO SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY? When it comes to learning anything new, each of us has different learning styles, experiences, and motivation. Most teachers will tell you that it depends, which is definitely a true statement! Check it out! According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR for short, there are six levels of fluency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). , beginning with A1 and ending with mastery/fluency in C2. According to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR for short, there are six levels of fluency (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2). They take around 88 weeks or 2,200 hours. How do you know how long it will take you to become fluent in English? We know that it leaves you waiting, wanting more. If you’re super focused, and you have a lot of free time to study, you could probably reach fluency in about six months if you’re studying around 5 hours a day. Remember: this is just rough math, and every learner is different! But today, we’re going to go even deeper into that answer to understand why it depends, and what it depends on. Your fluency is not a test! This will keep you motivated throughout your entire learning experience! What we’re really asking is: “Is it worth it?”. How long does it take to learn Portuguese? Mail: 2028 E Ben White Blvd, #240-2484, Austin, TX 78741, Pre-Register for the Complete Go Natural English Course. Take a minute to answer these for yourself, and then you’ll be ready to continue achieving your fluency goals. They found that brain structures of the control group remained unchanged, while the brains of the language students showed significant signs of development in terms of size, used a Facebook-quiz-powered method to understand how humans learn a language. That’s great!! 750 hours or 30 weeks Even though German is the most Germanic language of them all, it doesn’t come very natural to learn for native English speakers. We’ve been there! , beginning with A1 and ending with mastery/fluency in C2. You’re not only learning English; you’re learning to make it a part of YOU! All Rights Reserved. Therefore, the estimate is that the highest level of fluency would take an average of 1200 hours of study to attain. The answers to these questions are personal, and they are the foundation for your English studies. It’s not secret that most of us live very busy lives! Well, first we need to break it all up into three parts: what the question really means, how long it takes to become fluent in English, and how to use that time better to learn English faster. We need focused study time, but we also need time where we’re using English on a day-to-day basis. However, if you take an English immersion course with 5 hours or lessons a day plus 2 more hours of studying and practice, it would take just 102 days for you to learn English. So how long does it take to learn English? The way you measure whether or not it’s worth it for you is easy when you take into account these factors: Becoming fluent in English is a process, and it’s not something that just happens overnight. Instead, it’s a learning experience that is ongoing, and you grow with every new day full of new things to learn. Well, first, you need to know what level of fluency you want to achieve! It depends on what, exactly?! However, we classify learning Portuguese as more difficult than Spanish for a few reasons. We don’t want you to cram, or internalize, your English studies into a short amount of time. Instead of studying for 3 hours a day, do 3 or 4 study sessions of 30 minutes each. The reason that language immersion is so successful is that it forces you to learn to. How much time does it really take to become fluent in English? As part of the Go Natural English method, we try to develop good habits to make English a natural part of your life. Learning English (or any language) is a workout for your brain! ), but our fluency goals go beyond just that. When you’re so eager to start learning, but aren’t sure about the time commitment or length of the process, the last thing you want to hear is “it depends.” It’s probably the most frustrating answer ever, but we hope we can make it a little easier to understand. You can find more benefits of learning a new language in this article: 7 Hardest Languages to Learn For English Speakers, 9 Free Language Learning Apps That Are Fun to Use, 7 Ways To Learn a New Language Faster (Backed by Science), 7 Reasons Why a Life Without Purpose is Unfulfilling. how long does it really take to become fluent in english? If that sounds more like you, and you’re only able to dedicate a small amount of your day to study (a couple hours, more or less), you’re more likely to achieve fluency in about a year. If you learn to use your time in the most efficient way, the way you think about the amount of time it will take you to learn will change. Why do YOU want to speak English? Next, what is fluency to YOU? . You might reach a point where you feel like you’ve used up all your “English savings,” but that just means you need to “save” more, or study more, so that you can top up that savings account again. Category V includes languages that are exceptionally difficult for native English speakers. This will guarantee that you make an informed decision, and you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into, when you decide to learn with Go Natural English. When we ask this question, we’re not really asking how much time it takes to learn a language fluently. However, one thing we do here at Go Natural English is to help you make learning English a normal part of your daily life. Even if you do manage to study 5 hours a day, you still need time to process English, to live with English, to make it a habit, and to feel comfortable using English as part of your life. What Should Be Your End Goal In Life Above All Else? Is the time I’ll put into learning a language actually worth what I’m going to get out of it? Each of these levels takes approximately 200 hours of study. According to the FSI list, mastering Portuguese to a fluent level takes the same amount of time as Spanish, with 600 hours of study during six months. To get a detailed answer to this question, we need to address the following variables. Instead, we encourage you to study in bursts, about 5-15 minute ones throughout the day, in order to achieve lasting fluency. 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