2. This post talks about How to delete blogger account and to Delete Blog from Blogger.It is very simple to delete your blog from Blogger. If you want to delete a Blogger account, you need to delete the Google account. Blogger Account Deletion Steps A completely free website and blog creation platform offered by Google. Do note that only the admins and the owners of the blog can delete their blogger account. You just don't have to use it. Now hit the Delete button. It will open the selected blog post page. A Blogger account is simply a Google account, used to publish or read blogs. 2- Click on the down arrow button from the top left and choose the blog you want to delete. You have to click on it. If you want to delete it, you have to delete the whole of your Google account, including YouTube and Gmail. Finally, it’s time for your final decision. If you do not want that to happen, you have to keep your blogger account. 1- In case if you are not logged in to your google account then Login and go to Blogger Admin (you may already be there if you have followed the above-mentioned steps). You can't delete the account itself because it already comes with Google+. Deleting a blog is very easy. and your blogSpot blog will be delete. What do you exactly mean by blogger account. how to delete blogger account or blog. Delete your blog from Blogger Account. It is very easy to create a web site and blog with a convenient and simple interface. You can find it under Manage Blog sections. Let's see: 1. So if you have decided that you want to delete your complete account then you can follow this guide to Delete your Blogger account permanently.. Actually, you will have to delete your Gmail account completely to delete your blogger account because you use your Gmail account to sign in to the blogger. You can delete your GOOGLE account and all it has in it, but that won't delete access to the blog if you've have shared it with someone else. How to Delete Old Blogger Account in 2020 (Delete Your Old Blogger Account) Step 1: Log in to your blogger account using Gmail. We see regular queries about deleting a Blogger account, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger. 3. Go yo your blogger Settings and search for Remove your blog option.

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