We’ve partnered up with EMTG (European Multi Talent Group Health Care), a Dutch recruitment company based in the Amsterdam area, to put together a comprehensive guide to becoming a nurse in the Netherlands. They have placed over 400 nurses from 10 different nationalities in over 30 healthcare institutions around the Netherlands. So the question is: what makes you eligible to send over your resume to the EMTG and get this whole process started? Maybe the most impressive part of the whole EMTG process is that they offer you an intensive 3-5 month-long Dutch class. Obtain a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing (BSN) that is internationally recognized. How to register as a nurse in N.etherlands. But maybe you’re asking yourself why you would want to come to the Netherlands as a nurse? So if you’re thinking about coming here to work as a nurse, it might be something you’re interested in learning about.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dutchreview_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',161,'0','0'])); READ MORE | 19 questions answered about Dutch health insurance in 2020. Let’s not beat around the bush: salaries are important, especially when you’re doing difficult, important work. You should send your spick-and-span CV over to recruitment@emtg.nl once you’re ready to go. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Well. Midwife 5. Find job listings on Verpleegkundigen and Verzorgenden Nederland's (V&VN) website. Physiotherapist 8. Postbus 3052 6460 HB Kerkrade The Netherlands. Make sure you haven’t left any awkward spelling errors or grammar mistakes anywhere, as well, that’s always helpful. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for omissions and errors. We can well imagine that you’re wondering how coronavirus is affecting this whole process, and as with everything right now, nothing is certain. Then, EMTG will contact you about your application, and let you know if you’re eligible for going further in the process (more on the requirements necessary in the next section, stay with us). However, navigating the procedure of getting yourself on the BIG register, mastering Dutch, and finding yourself a job as an international can be pretty stressful and difficult, if not downright impossible. All adult Dutch citizens pay around €100 per month in health insurance, with those under a certain income level being (partly) reimbursed for this by the government. Check with your university to be sure that your certification will be accepted in other countries. It makes sense that when you’re helping patients- people who are in a vulnerable state, quite often- that it’s important for you to be able to speak their native language. The nice thing about coming to the Netherlands with EMTG is that there is a language school included in the programme aimed specifically at healthcare professionals- which of course is not the case with regular Dutch courses. Doctor 3. Everything you need to know about becoming a nurse in the Netherlands. The register also specifies which tasks you can perform, entitles you to specialised training, and places you under the governance of disciplinary law. Dentist 2. Something that could also be relevant for you to know as an international nurse thinking about working in the Netherlands is that here, patients have to go through their GP before going to hospital unless it’s an absolute emergency. Most contracts will be for 32 to 36 hours a week. Pharmacist 7. If yours has a protected title, you have to register in the BIG registerExternal link. Evolution of the remuneration of hospital nurses in real terms in selected countries, 2010-2018. please mail me In the Netherlands, we have a healthcare system that runs on private insurance. If you don’t need to do this step, proceed straightaway to step two, getting that CV up to scratch. So, how does registering with the BIG work with a foreign diploma? If you’re from a non-EU country, you will need a working visa to work as a nurse in the Netherlands. Nurse 6. Additionally, a doctor, mid wife or kraam nurse can register the birth if necessary. What does this flat land have to offer you, apart from cheese and tulips?eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dutchreview_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_5',168,'0','0'])); Plenty more, as it turns out: an excellent salary, a 36-hour workweek, a non-hierarchical workplace culture, and plenty of career advancement opportunities. The Netherlands is a great place to work as a nurse, and at the moment, it is really in need of more nursing staff as well. So, if you’ve been thinking about making a move to the Netherlands to work as a nurse, now is a great time to do so! Generally speaking, when you start working as a nurse in the Netherlands, you’ll have a supervisor, who will be a more senior nurse. You’ll also have a mentor there, as we’ve mentioned before, to guide you through the whole process and help you with any questions you might have. The average monthly salary for a nurse in the Netherlands is €2725. An entry level registered nurse (1-3 years of experience) earns an average salary of € 43.097. Living in the Netherlands is just a great choice in general, in our (totally unbiased) opinion: from the cycling culture to those mysteriously delicious bitterballen, there are so many reasons to choose the Netherlands as your new home. For you, that means more focused work, on patients that really need your help. You have entered an incorrect email address! What do you need to know about the Netherlands? There are close to 400,000 registered medical professionals in the Netherlands, and work for nurses is readily available. That’s where EMTG comes in. You can skip that step if you have an EU nursing diploma. Physician Assistant 9. If that all fails, a roommate or somebody living in the house where the baby will be living is allowed to register the birth. Do I need a visa to work as nurse in the Netherlands? The BIG register is named after the Netherlands' BIG Act, the Individual Healthcare Professions Act. Obtain a work permit before starting a job as a nurse in the Netherlands. Nurses in the UK and Italy earn significantly less than 10 years ago. We're constantly hunting for the latest, greatest, and most Dutch spots for our readers. Back to Netherlands forum. © 2019 All Rights Reserved. They offer Dutch courses as part of their programme, so you’ll be ready to talk to your patients and colleagues in their native language. What comes next, once you’ve mastered the Dutch ‘g’? If you’re from outside the EU, you’ll need a Dutch working permit first of all, before starting this whole process. The BIG register is a list of all the medical professionals in the Netherlands, and when you want to become a nurse here, you’ll need to be registered here before you can practice. Now, this might all sound pretty complicated to you- which is fair enough, it sounds complicated to us as well. You also need to be able to prove that you have a B1 level of Dutch in all four areas: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Does the Netherlands have the same thing or only RN type of nurses? That depends: if you have a non-EU diploma, you first need to validate it with Nuffic or IDW. Example in the US there is a Licensed Vocational Nurse and Registered Nurse. In the Netherlands a ‘certified nurse specialist’ is a nurse practitioner who is registered in the official Dutch registry for nurse specialists, after completing a two-year dual Master's Program, the Master Advanced Nursing Practice (MANP). This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Non-EU nurses will need their employers to sponsor them in order to work in the Netherlands, which involves having your employer fill out an application with the Immigratie en Naturalisatiedienst (IND). This website provides information about working and receiving certification as a nurse in the Netherlands. If you’re thinking of starting work as a nurse in the Netherlands, this might be the way to go. ronette intoy. You should also have a basic grasp of Dutch, A1 level. The EMTG does not sponsor visas, so that’s important to keep in mind. Learn how your comment data is processed. Healthcare in the Netherlands is something that can be mysterious to an outsider. Posted in Netherlands forum 27 Jan 2012, 16:36. But that doesn’t include end-of-year bonuses and holiday pay, of course, and you’ll also have a pension set up for you. If this is all too long-winded for you, here’s a handy infographic on all the steps shortened down!

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