Infinity is not a value; it is just the concept of a value without limit.. 1 decade ago . Is that what you mean by infinity times infinity ? Another way of looking at this is that no one can EVER finish multiplying zero times infinity, therefore the answer will always be undefined. This is the definition of undefined. It represents a symbol for a value that is so large that we can't imagine it - no matter what number you give me, it will always be less than infinity. Infinity divided by infinity is the inverse of that operation, so it's still infinity. Summary: I can handle it if you go… What a fucking lie. Therefore, zero times infinity is undefined. Therefore, zero times infinity is undefined. The number of points on a line is the same as the number of points on a plane, and so forth, and that's equivalent to squaring infinity. Join Facebook to connect with Infinity Times Infinity and others you may know. Infinity Times Infinity DerangedBlackKitten . Infinity Times Infinity Studios is an internet TV station that broadcasts all things music and video. So I infinity can't be a number, and neither can infinity times infinity. This can be rewritten as: 0 * ∞ = c. So, zero times infinity is an undefined real number. Suppose we think of an infinite number of type A things each having an infinite number of type B things associated with them. The most common example of an indeterminate form occurs when determining the limit of the ratio of two functions, in which both of these functions tend to zero in the limit, and is referred to as "the indeterminate form /".For example, as approaches , the ratios /, /, and / go to ∞, , and respectively. Properties of Infinity Addition with Infinity Infinity Plus a Number Infinity Plus Infinity Infinity Minus Infinity Multiplication with Infinity Infinity by a Number Infinity by Infinity Infinity by Zero Division with Infinity and Zero Zero over a Number A Number over Zero A Number over Infinity Infinity over a Number… Infinity times infinity April 8, 2016 | Marshmallow Press Anyone familiar with the recent smash television series “Revenge” will know that ‘Infinity times infinity’ was the statement exchanged by faux-heiress and resident revenge-seeker Emily Thorne (AKA Amanda Clarke) and her father David to … The problem is that infinity (sometimes shown using a symbol that looks like an eight on its side) isn't really a number at all. Infinity times infinity is infinity. This abstract concept attempts to describe something without any bound or larger than any number. Several months have passed since Rick left and Earth became a part of the Galactic Federation. 1 2. superjake3001. View the profiles of people named Infinity Times Infinity.

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