------- "However, terminology is possibly even more important for the social sciences, just because their subject matter IS familiar and just because words DO exist to denote it." WHAT DRIVES...someone...TO BE A SOCIOLOGIST? ------HOWEVER...it is the "familiar" which will lead to excitement, too And, if he is a good sociologist, he will find himself in all these places because his own questions have so taken possession of him that he has little choice but to seek for answers." Oct. 8, 2020. Start studying Chapter 1-An invitation to Sociology. your own paper. People who are interested in human beings only if they can change, convert, or reform them should also be warned, for they will find sociology much less useful than they hoped. -------"intensively, endlessly, shamelessly" (18) (23) ---------i.e. ------- "without respect for the usual lines of demarcation" (18), ------- "Thus his questions may lead him to all possible levels of society, the best and the least known places, the most respected and the most despised. “Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger A sociological perspective is obviously different from ones knowledge of sociology. Berger begins by trying to "clear the deck" about sociology and sociologists...trying to clarify just what it and they "aren't" before affirming what it and they "are." The study of cultural rules of politeness in conversation is an example of micro-sociology. --------seeing "...in a new light the very world in which we have lived all our lives" (21) ---------i.e. Learn quiz chapter 1 sociology an invitation with free interactive flashcards. “Invitation to Sociology” by Peter Berger A sociological perspective is obviously different from ones knowledge of sociology. ---------IRONY: "...that natural scientists themselves have been giving up the very postivistic dogmatism that their emulators are still straining to adopt..." (13), ---------RE: issue of "jargon" mentioned above Interested in the "doings of men" --------Nothing inherent in sociological information which leads to "reform", -----D. as a gatherer of statistics -------But rather...the commonplace, the everyday stuff of life No passion is without its dangers. -----F. as a certain kind of person One reads them, nods at the familiar scene, remarks that one has heard all this before and don’t people have better things to do than to waste their time on truisms...until one is suddenly brought up against an insight that radically questions everything one had previously assumed about this familiar scene. In this essay Peter Berger reflex upon the many different levels of reality we tend to block. --------critical definition: being in the way...that which hides something else Meanwhile, a Sociologist will want to further investigate our government and what’s really happening behind closed door. This is frustrating for the sociologists, especially if they compare themselves with their more favored second cousins, the psychologists, who have pretty much taken over that sector of American humor that used to be occupied by clergymen. Berger’s research says people might not see situations for what they truly are. He starts by addressing six "ambiguous" images of sociologists...stressing that each image by itself is only partially true and even when taken together, they don't really tap into this reality. (18) ------a "demon" so to speak, "An introduction to sociology is, therefore, an invitation to a very special kind of passion. Through Bergersreading he enables us to see through and behind social structures. One more example that impacted me the most is about marriage. our expert writers, Hi, my name is Jenn Another process is how Sociologist “look behind” (Berger page 7) the facades of a community. He shows a clarity of thought on many issues within the discipline...even today...as well as within the social sciences in general. ", -----2. -------- "working with people"...not in the character of the information itself, -----B. as a theoretician for social work ---Berger observes that the title of this chapter...Sociology as an Individual Pastime...is understated---He says... "Sociology is more like a passion" (24)-----a "demon" so to speak "An introduction to sociology is, therefore, an invitation to a very special kind of passion. 16-17). ----------can be used for fighting crime and for promoting crime Get Your Custom Essay on, By clicking “Write my paper”, you agree to our, https://graduateway.com/invitation-to-sociology-by-peter-berger/, Get your custom

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