The most popular air freshener from Japan � MY SHALDAN- with a wide range of real fruit fragrances which is great for the car. Japanese Tableware directly from Factories. But who knows! We have the resources to identify and procure the special seasonal items, which will represent each unique seasons of Japan. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated, Let me know if you like Royal China in DIFC…. 367 likes. Thirsty? We are the right and the best source for all needs of authentic Japanese food products - Dry & Frozen. Japanese Food Products, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. In July 2020, JETRO's Department of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries and Food certified us as a "Supporter of Japanese Food Products" overseas. Order Now. was established in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates in 1977, and has been expanding its business as a distributor and wholesaler of Japanese foodstuffs in UAE and as an exporter of foodstuffs to neighboring countries in the Middle East, and also in corporate catering business. Our service is based on our aim to comply with, or exceed, industry practices and environmental standards. ⁠ (Please note: Our retail stores do not accept American Express card payment methods, we accept them on web orders only) And it was founded in the year 2012.The company has diversified into products and services keeping up with the business development in the UAE region. Type in Korean supermarket in the search button of the blog! We are honored to have been appointed as an Ambassador of Goodwill in the Middle East and Africa for the first time in history. Book a Table. Most recipe ideas shared first on our Instagram here, so be inspired with some fresh, healthy dishes! UNESCO has placed Japanese food on its Intangible Cultural Heritage list, as representing 'the traditional culinary culture of the Japanese people.' DoinDubai visited this Japanese supermarket in Dubai and stocked up on all manner of Japanese ingredients and sushi making gear to try and recreate an Oriental feast at home. Abu Dhabi; Japanese Products for Trading Establishment; JPTE offers a variety of high quality products of Japanese origin and brands, keeping up with growing requirements of the modern health conscious consumer. The department provides a wide range of services and amenities that compliment the daily quality of life to the customers in their premises, providing Japanese Cuisine being our unique speciality. Air Fryer Aubergines … [Read More...], Should we be travelling to London from Dubai ? As the name implies, Washoku blends each ingredient in a harmonious fashion and satisfies all of your senses. Have a look of our widest range by clicking here - Dry, Frozen , Fresh. Or how about buying multipack bags of delicious savoury Japanese rice crackers, great for late morning munchies and a super alternative to a bag of crisps for the kids lunchboxes. Frozen section ..presently the range has more than 200 items with Madako , Ikura , Tobikko , Sanma , Edamame, Gyoza Wrappers, Natto , Ramen Noodles and many more. A friend has gone and she says it is definitely authentic (she should know, she spent like a decade in Japan and is also married to a Japanese man). Then read this post or listen to the podcast on Dubai Eye 103.8. Portable Gas Stove with Gas Canister - Iwatani Brand - Cassette-Feu Portable Butane Stoves are ideal for everything from patio parties, barbeques, boat use and camping to commercial use in all aspects of the foodservice industry including catering, buffet stations and tableside cooking. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Summit Trading Company L.L.C. So as to cater to the latest demand from Top Class Hotels and Restaurants for Fresh Items from Japan - like Fresh Fish , Fresh Vegetables , Fresh Fruits etc , we have stared our new service to supply these items . I was there before the summer holidays and it certainly there! Think GMP Delivery. Again they are gluten free and generally baked and not fried. Your email address will not be published.

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