On the commercial, the answers are actually kind of offensive. Listen up, if you want to live... - Duration: 22:12. A man must listen to his wife for FIVE WHOLE SECONDS before he is rewarded! The ads revolve around men trying to endure 5 full seconds of unimaginable horror; if they succeed, they are rewarded with Klondike bars (provided by hot chicks). In 2009 Jul 19, 2011 The Via Agency, the ad agency that Klondike hired to put together their. Klondike aired a commercial a few years back that, depending on my mood, made me stew in outrage or laugh out loud in amusement. Congratulations Klondike Bar, you're dumber than an episode of "Yes, Dear" Reply. I was absolutely appalled! And I bet that relationship's gonna last long. There was a Klondike bar commercial several years ago where this guy sat and listened to his wife/girl friend for a long time and then it said, "he deserves a Klondike Bar". My wife bought me one after she saw that commercial and I'd do it again for two bars. An idiotic question asked by many so as to promote the sale of Klondike bars, an overrated ice cream product. July 28, 2009 . Mime just won’t shut up about Klondike bar . OMG two men have to HOLD HANDS for five seconds! By Adweek Blogs. For example, one man was forced to listen to his wife for 10 seconds, so as to be allowed a klondike bar. 6. Now we can only assume that Klondike is targeting straight men with this campaign (I doubt many LGBTQ folks or straight women are digging these “challenges”) but even so, they are remarkably sexist and homophobic. Sir Reddit Recommended for you. WOW! The man in the commercial could barely stand listening to his wife talk for 5 seconds and he only did it for the Klondike Bar. In this commercial we are told that it will be Mark vs. actually listening to his wife for five seconds that will merit him the reward of a Klondike bar. Ice Cream Bar TV Commercial Although Klondike® enjoys widespread awareness, in the elusive target of men 25 - 35, the ice cream bar was not part of their consideration set. Creativity . ... Jordan and Jayden twins Klondike Bar Commercial - Duration: 0:59. I mean, it's so hard to listen to your wife, right? That company’s old slogan is “What would you do for a Klondike Bar,” and in this commercial, the answer is apparently “Listen to my wife talk for five seconds.” After maybe one sentence about paint colors, the man is rewarded with two sexy models and a new mint-chocolate-chip frozen dessert, much to his delight and his wife’s dismay. Snickers TV Commercial - Get Some Nuts. The commercial shows Mark and his wife sitting on the couch with Mark looking at his wife with a painful expression as he listens to her for a whole five seconds. I think its sad the way relationships are portrayed in the media today. Doritos Ad (Brazil) In this commercial four young men are riding in a car listening to the Village People hit, "YMCA." Jor Jay 922 views. The clip shows a man shut off the TV and “actually listen to his wife” for five seconds (! What do you get when you mix Klondike bars, Michael Ian Black, a mime and a megaphone?

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