The concept of Lean Software Development (LSD) is credited to Dr. Robert Charette in 1993. They created Agile principles as a way of integrating uncertainty into the product development process. Tristan: Does the Lean software development approach exclude Agile? Customer value is prioritized as, at the end of each sprint, you take feedback and implement changes in the next cycle. However, for enterprises dedicated to being agile, expansion and development take center stage over the production process. B. There have been many theories proposed to make a company more productive and cost efficient by improving upon manufacturing processes. They are deeply entwined when applied to a software development environment. This Lean-Agile combo will include the iterations of Agile development, and the validation practices of Lean. These values and principles are established in the Agile Manifesto, drafted in 2011 by a series of gurus in the field of software development. One isn’t exactly an alternative to the other. Agile vs Lean Origen and Definition. Sergey: Even though we are discussing Lean vs Agile, in our company we apply both methodologies because we can generally use them in parallel. What is Lean Software Development (LSD)? Lean area of focus On the other hand, Lean software development is about improving process flow and quality. I’d say Lean and Agile are more a way of thinking, or even a mindset of a person or a group of people, working on a particular project. Lean vs Agile In today’s competitive markets, there is an increasing pressure on companies to make products more quickly, with a greater variety, and at the lowest possible cost. Ten years later, Tom and Mary Poppendieck published “ Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit.” Despite the concept being over twenty years old, there still seems to be some confusion about what exactly Lean Software Development is and how it fits in with the Agile methodology. Both terms share similarities. Agile was originally developed as a software development methodology by a group of smart people who realized that you don’t really know what the software is going to look like until you build it. The agile model lets businesses produce many small recurrent versions of a product, rather than focus on delivering a large production turnout all at once. Lean Software Development (LSD) is an agile framework based on optimizing development time and resources, eliminating waste, and ultimately delivering only what the product needs. Lean vs Agile — similarities. Speaking of Agile involves talking about a whole set of frameworks, practices and methods that share common values and principles. So, in a nutshell, if you are using Agile, you are using Lean … Scrum vs Waterfall vs Agile vs Lean vs Kanban There are a number of different approaches in the software development industry – some are new takes on old methods and others have adapted a relatively new approach. In Agile software development, the scope of a software product refers to its features and functionalities.

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