Loved the gimmic of the Instaview door ... but since the novelty wore off, I never use it. We love it. I can't be happier with my fridge, worth the investment. Impressive. So much room in the fridge and freezer We love our LG door in door it’s great does everything we want in a fridge freezer, the knock feature is attractive to kids more than us adults!!! This refrigerator looks stunning and i love the instaview door-in-door feature. had to figure out myself after the installation. We purchased this fridge as we have had LG fridges for the past 20 years and consider them still to be a great choice. The left hand side vegetable draw hits the right hand side fridge door when you try to open it4. I find the fridge section not as roomy inside as I was expecting & think the bigger 910 litre version would have been better choice for my needs. The reviewer stated that an incentive was offered for this review. ~ Ice maker is brillant. Mitsubishi Electric L4 Glass Grande 710L French Door, Mitsubishi Electric L4 Glass Mini 650L French Door, I totally love the design of this fridge freezer it is the most practical fridge I've ever had, it just works perfectly for us. Love the door in door, and also the playful (not really needed ) 2 tap instaview panel Having bought the Samsung 719L opponent, I wish we just bought this one first. The water/ice dispenser is large enough for our sports bottles. I found that one door hinge was mounted incorrectly and can’t be moved. You can get in and get out quickly thanks to easy door-in-door® access to beverages and snacks. However, this can be a tricky feat if your mum hasn’t told you what kind of gift she’d be happy with. Not only can you choose from several types of innovative refrigerators, you’ll get all the latest features … It is fantastic that our most in demand items are on the easy access door, which helps keep the rest of our food cold. LOVE having the door within the door feature. We’ll see if it arrives with level doors! It seems to hold temperature better in the freezer which is probably normal. Great freezer space and easy access to four large draws (two each side) and two shelves (one each side). LG LFXC24796D InstaView Door-in-Door Counter-Depth Refrigerator review: The biggest knock on this fridge is the price The Good The LG LFXC24796D is a great-looking, high-end fridge … To give Dad something he actually loves - and uses daily - read on for a list of Christmas gift ideas on Dad's secret wish list. I have only had it for two month, it's been great. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel I would recommend this to a friend My three year old probably had the most fun with it for a short period of time. It looks fantastic in our new kitchen. I love my new fridge! Door in door design proves useful as always. Again they decided to send up a new fridge. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. I love everything about it. The thing I overlooked was because of the Instaview door you do not have shelf space on the inside of that door. It was a great concept I admit I thought was stupid initially. Had to self install due to timing of Best Buy’s curb drop off due to coronavirus and so it was heavy and large where I had to disconnect the handles...Upgraded from a 5 year old fridge. We have had this refrigerator for a week now, works well and we’re happy with our purchase. Have no comments about the finish yet. Has anyone had any problems with the fridge cooling, our food is rotting and food is just cool not cold. Delivery men were very courteous and hard working. £1,539.00. Would recommend to anyone considering purchasing a two door fridge with plumbed water connection. Very professional. GF-V708MBSL (Matte Black Stainless Steel). On the plus side, the fridge is always clean and not covered with paper. We had it delivered and the guys were friendly and very helpful. ~ Easy Access front door Instaview (we thought we wouldn't use) - love it. I removed one shelf so we could more easily fit taller items - but there is a ton of storage. The ice maker in the door is very well designed and compact. I desperately wanted these two functions.Is any way to adjust water temperature? I notice every time I open the freezer door, that ice crystals appear on the drawers, odd look but is no bother. Yes I do recommend this fridge. I have this fridge for almost a week already as a replacement of Samsung 725L 3doors. I was a little annoyed that the finish isn't magnetic, so no kids pictures or shopping lists. So far after a month, the fridge is working great. Purchased in January 2019 at Appliances Online. We normally don't use the dispenser, and usually only use the ice for our ice chests. They are integrated under and top of the doors and this looks great. The freezer se... ction is great with a combination of door shelves & slide out small drawers ... a much better idea than one huge door on the front & BIG bin type drawers that are too heavy when filled. Had a 20% discount and a Cashback offer from LG at the time which took $1200 off the price. Has so many features and so few flaws.First the bad ;1.Fridge arrived and after it was unpacked found a a "20 cent piece size" dirt mark on the interior fridge section. The refrigerator has been designed efficiently to make daily usage easy convenient. And the mat black looks sooo good in our all white kitchen. Things are clearly visible so nothing gets left at the back turning furry! It is the charcoal matt grey model and looks especially smart. The fridge is now 18 months old and we are extremely happy with the purchase. So I had the delivery guys make sure that the doors were aligned Before the delivery guys left. This is a public forum presenting user opinions on selected products and businesses, and as such the views expressed do not reflect the opinion of I desperately wanted these two functions. Ice dispenser is very neat and compact so not taking up a large chunk of the fridge or freezer. Product Review: American fridge freezers don’t come much more high-end than the LG InstaView GMX844MCKV. I finally settled on this one. We purchased this fridge as we have had LG fridges for the past 20 years and consider them still to be a great choice. Very quite fridge and nice size for a family of 5! The handles are a tad difficult to keep clean as food crumbs drops in here and there, the handles have an inner lining of a rubber type material, makes it hard to wipe the handles inside clean. The ice maker seems ok, but I think ice falls down into the dispenser occasionally, then melts leaving a small puddle on the cup rest. Your trust is our top concern. Excellent quality, huge capacity and stylish looks. For me I couldn't be happier. The freezer se...Read more. This review is from LG - InstaView Door-in-Door 27.8 Cu. It doesn’t intrude on the door space anywhere near as much as other French Door fridges around. Two seriously annoyed is cold water is not iced cold and crushed ice is not crushed, it's just broken pieces of ice. Four door design was a curious choice that was cause for concern at first, but has proven very useful. The door in door is a brilliant idea & the light coming on when you open the outer door is a great feature. Ice dispenser is very neat and compact so not taking up a large chunk of the fridge or freezerAs mentioned by others is does run cold, but I have it on the highest setting and salad is now cold not frozen. Read more. The unit is awesome to look at and compared to a samsung, the vegetable containers are larger and of a more usable size. Fridge has slightly inconsistent temperatures The LG LRMVS3006S is eye-catching with its InstaView door that lets you peek inside. We are very pleased with our choice. Since many mothers tend to spout selfless phrases like ‘please don’t spend any money on me,’ Christmas is a great opportunity to spoil your Mum. Of course I’ve only had my refrigerator for about a month and a half so far so good! I don’t think I would have stretched the budget so high if I was paying full price. This one definitely has more refrigerator room but the freezer seems only a little bigger. its quite functional and easy to use. Things are clearly visible so nothing gets left at the back turning furry! The veggie draws don't have a humidity selector and I find the veggies are super cold, borderline freezing I feel this is a concern for the manufacture to revise, however I've set the fridge to 4c and it seems to act perfectly with no compromise. A number of French Door fridges ... on the market have two large draws in the bottom freezer section, on a number we tried they seemed to be a bit clumsy and flimsy. 5. Ft. 4-Door French Door Refrigerator - Stainless steel. Samsung RFG23UERS1 Samsung RFG23UERS - 525 Litre G-Series Fridge Freezer, No Frost 4.1 out of 5 stars 12. The light feature is definitely a novelty, the difference in price between the non light and the light was so small though that I went for this one. LG InstaView™ Door-in-Door™ GSX961NSVZ Wifi Connected American Fridge Freezer - Stainless Steel 4.7 out of 5 stars 5.

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