Today, Martyn Ford … Profession: Bodybuilder, Gym Owner, Actor Known For: Appearing in Films like Robin Hood The Rebellion, Kingsman: The Golden Circle (2017), Kill Ben Lyk, Accident Man (2018), Final … Tuesday, 24 November 2020. Martyn Ford Career. Martyn … He is very fond of movies which made him want to become part of the film industry, and was thrilled to find out that the production crew of the “Kingsman: The Golden Circle” movie wanted him to appear in it – his favorite actor and actress are Kevin Spacey and Charlize Theron. Martyn Ford. Furthermore, it gained the attention of an MMA federation, to which he has recently signed a contract. His popularity and unique look has also helped him to secure a number of roles in popular movies … Through injury, Martyn Ford found his calling. This exposure led to Martyn Ford being noticed by the film industry—landing him roles in numerous Hollywood blockbusters. Martyn Ford is a professional bodybuilder and has a cultivated a large online following in the last number of years.

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