If you still considering what model to buy, check out the current prices on Amazon HERE. There are plenty of bluetooth remote probes, like. Consider it as kindling to get the fire going. Welcome to this quick start guide on how to use a Masterbuilt electric smoker. Here are some directions on how to do it. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. For a more detailed process, check out my article on how to clean an electric smoker. GENERAL WARNINGS AND SAFETY INFORMATION READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS WARNINGS & IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS CONTINUED ON PAGE 3 • Unit is for OUTDOOR HOUSEHOLD USE ONLY. They have a great customer service and will look after you. Read my article on how to smoke a brisket for more information on the process. For the backyard griller or on-the-go meat master. Combine the meat smoking process with a really nice pre-cook seasoning, and some good quality smoking accessories and you're going to be blown away by the results you get. Depending on the size and thickness of the meat, and the temperature, cooking times will vary. During the smoking process you can pull the wood chip loader out of the smoker and place an additional 1/2 cup in if required. I like to give mine a good deep clean and overhaul at the end of the smoking season. Learn how your comment data is processed. Give it a shot and see if you like it. Cleaning up once the smoker is cooled is quick and easy. Cooking with an electric smoker like the Masterbuilt has a ton of advantages over wood/charcoal based  offset smokers. I like to soak them in some hot water with detergent and scrub with a light scouring cloth. Easy to clean, no ash or charcoal residue to clean up. I really hope this article on using a Masterbuilt electric smoker has provided you with everything you need to get going. Electric smoker assembly, care & use manual warning & safety information It can make it tasty pretty bad. • Pre-season the smoker that the slow smoker is attached to prior to fi rst use. We've got you covered. Read HERE to learn how to season your smoker for first time use. Slow Smoker 171017 Failure to follow these instructions could result in fi re, explosion or burn hazard which could cause property damage, personal injury, or death. Use a mild detergent to remove dirt and food residues from the grate supports, smoking racks, water bowl and drip pan. Water doesn't smoke, it's steam that gives the appearance of extra smoke and is really a pointless exercise. If you're looking for a great book on how to use an electric smoker, with incredible recipes, this one is well worth considering. Hi: I'm Steve and I'm a homesteader and self-sufficiency freak. Very little experience required to achieve excellent results. Safe to use. Start with a smaller quantity of dry chips. If you soak them, you're not going to get the requisite heat and subsequent smoke that is required. 225 degrees Fahrenheit is the perfect smoking temperature for most meat and fish dishes. In general, if you are only adding 1/2 a cup of chips as per the Masterbuilt instruction manual, then you probably shouldn't need to add any for at least an hour. I try to avoid consumerism as much as possible, eat well, and try not to leave too much of a footprint during my time on this earth. Consider having more than one probe to check accuracy. Better Homesteading is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, and it’s affiliated sites. I've just added an article on the best wood for smoking brisket if you'd like to learn more about wood chip choices. The Best Fermentation Crock For The Aspiring Fermentista! Eating machine oil probably isn't the best thing to do, so take these simple steps first. Prepare and season your meat as per the recipe you are following. Read HERE to learn how to season your smoker for first time use. This process is different for an electric smoker vs a charcoal one. Put your probe in some iced water and check for accuracy. Once you can look in and see that smoke is being created, add some more chips to the already burning pile. Only add more when the previous batch have stopped producing smoke. Master it. I always like to marinade my meat for at least an hour, but often overnight. Applying a barbecue sauce around 45 minutes before the end of cooking will ensure a nice glaze, but also  will make your meat ready to eat straight out of the smoker......NICE!!!! If not, check the wood chip tray and add more if needed. An electric smoker, by it's very nature, is a lot simpler to clean than a charcoal based smoker. Only add half a cup of wood chips at a time. There is no exact answer, it really depends on the situation. Simple Calculations For A Party, How To Plant A DIY Indoor Vertical Garden System, How To Clean A Keurig Coffee Maker Without Destroying It, 7 Fermenting Lids For Mason Jars That Kick Ass, 3 Point Log Splitter Guide For The Confused. Many people want to know how to use wood chips in an electric smoker. They range from several hundred bucks down to less than $50, but I truly believe that spending a little more at the start pays dividends later. Do not use foil on the grill trays as this will inhibit heat flow. Note: Although adding foil to the racks seems like a nice idea to reduce cleaning time, it will prevent the heat from circulating properly.

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