Flake the grilled cod, and use it in place of salmon in this Salmon Patty Recipe. What to Serve with Grilled Cod… Here you'll find tried-and-true favorites and Yiayia-approved Greek recipes from Spanakopita to traditional Greek salad, Greek potatoes, BEST Souvlaki, Tztaziki Sauce, Fish Gyros, Bakalva and more! Grilled Cod Sandwich. Add each grilled cod fillet to a bun, and spread a layer of the yogurt sauce on the inside of the top bun. Grilled Cod Cakes. Add lettuce, tomato, or grilled onions as desired. Serve this crispy, flaky fish, Gyro-style in pita w/ amazing fixings! Greek Recipes. The Mediterranean Dish is your personal expert on Greek flavors and Greek recipes. Dec 19, 2019 - You'll love this easy Mediterranean pan grilled cod recipe with lemon basil sauce!

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