Both are anise, or licorice, flavored liqueurs. Both are delicacies of the eastern Mediterranean. Greek Raki is a grape based liquor (no anise) and you would not want to mix with water. Some say drinking Ouzo is a form of art, while others call it a lifestyle. Can you tell them apart? Raki is generally much stronger (up to 90% alcohol) than ouzo (usually 35-45%.) And as for those souvenirs, there are plenty of creative uses for a bottle of ouzo, raki, or traditional liqueurs. Tagged From Russia With Love. Both are distilled from leftovers of wine production, anise is the dominant flavoring ingredient, and they're most often enjoyed with meze. that appears in your glass and stays there. Raki comes from Turkey and served as inspiration for many anise-liquors, including ouzo. Here is a … Rakomelo (made with raki, honey and spices) is even better on cold days, as it is served warm, while in the summer, you can get the local spirits and liqueurs mixed into refreshing cocktails. Ouzo is anised liquor both in Greece and Turkey (the one you can mix with water and gets into a milky color) Raki in Turkey seem to be also a anised liquor so it way different from the one produced in Greece. Start simply: Add some cold water to ouzo or raki or pastis, all of which are inherently transparent, and behold the milky cloud (or cloudy milk?) Italian Sambuca is a liqueur meant to be a digestive and pastis contains anis, many herbs and a little sugar making it quite different from its Arabic counterparts. Turkish raki, Greek ouzo resemble arak but are lighter in flavour. Several, including ouzo and raki, when mixed with water turn a milky color. Drinking Ouzo in Greece is a cultural ritual that has its own special time and place, usually in late afternoon or early evening, and always accompanied by small plates of food. Raki vs Ouzo! Published by M. Historian and fan of the literary James Bond and his world as created by Ian Fleming. Greek raki is very similar to italian grappa. Ouzo vs. Raki . Ouzo and raki are two eastern Mediterranean distilled spirits that have the distinct flavor of anise. And both are most often served with white cheeses and other cold dishes, called "mezes", like tomatoes, fava beans, roasted chick peas, salted almonds, mackerel and other seafoods.

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