So although John might write the initial document, Martha, Jean and Sam may edit and amend it as required over the following years. Are you apprehensive regarding creating a safe work method statement? '. Blank Method Statement Template free download and preview, download free printable template samples in PDF, Word and Excel formats Download the pdf file for free and use he sample as a reference material for creating a similar document for the purpose. Place the tasks sequentially for making the whole process smooth. Template 5: Safe work method statement (SWMS) Key words: MS Word. The template is ready for you to fill in and complete, you can edit it as much as you need to produce a site specific health and safety document for your projects or … It is mandatory to include these details to keep a proper track on the progress as a single project might be segmented into multiple sites. This is the index for the task that's about to be carried out and the below example numbers elements from 1 through to 5. Going through the document one step at a time, the first thing we see at the top of the template is the following image: The top line is the title of this template, and it's here you fill in the following details: Include the words 'method statement', then enter the trades your document is relevant to and finally a description of the task. Finally at the end of the method statement template is the section to add your name, sign and date the document to say that you are happy to submit it to contractors and employees as required. We do hope that this tutorial helped. Online Health & Safety Documents and E-Learning Centre - 0800 933 61 61 A great risk assessment and method statement starts with a good template. A safe work method statement is a very important tool for safe-guarding the employees of your organization. If you are looking for a simple yet effective format for preparing a method statement for your work, we have just the right sample for you. There are steps that must be taken to get ready for any kind of accidents that might occur at work. With the pdf sample given above, we are sure you will be able to create a well-detailed health and safety method statement in no time. Online Health & Safety Documents and E-Learning Centre. is a platform for academics to share research papers. If you imagine that you are using this template to write a method statement for cleaning windows, you should firstly jot down key activities, which begin to highlight the risks and may then alter the method used for carrying out a task. Create an MS Word file on your computer. It's important to put 'method statement' in the title, not just because anyone who looks at the document knows exactly what it is, but also for indexing, by indexing I mean making the document easy to find using the search feature on your computer. If you and your business have risk assessments, method statements and COSHH assessments, it shows that not only do you want the work, but you want to carry out the work without harming your staff or others. File Type: pdf . We suggest you take the help of the given pdf sample to understand how such documents are constructed and what the important components are. The document is created after a successful risk assessment to address the hazards involved in the tasks and to keep them under control. After the document is finalized, you can create prints outs for distribution easily. Usually it is just like a manual which is a list of procedures for safe working. The next section (see image above), is titled 'scope of works'. After your company name you will see that the image at the top of this method statement template asks who the document has been prepared for. Your worries are justified since a lot of responsibility rests on your shoulders to keep the well-being of the workers intact. Equipments like fire extinguisher, oxygen cylinders, proper gloves, boots, helmets are other such crucial accessories, all these must be taken care of by the organization beforehand. I always advise when writing a method statement, that this is the company or trading name and not the name of an individual. A method statement is an important document that provides a step-by-step guide for carrying out tasks in the safest way possible.

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