Chacoense Named after its creator, American pharmacist Wilbur Scoville, whose 1912 method is known as the Scoville organoleptic test. Bulgaria Portugal An Australian named the pepper in honor of Butch T, as Butch is who he acquired the seed from, and the name stuck. Vi har testet over tusinde tomater igennem tiden Hvert år tester vi et hav af tomater, for at finde frem til They came across a pepper called the Naga Morich, already well known to England's Bangladeshi community. Canary Islands While the Naga Jolokia debate continued, and Dr Bosland was pictured with his official certificate from Guinness, a couple more peppers started to be talked about as possible contenders for the world's hottest chili pepper. Caribbean Philippines There weren't many naga sauce products on the market at that time so it would be fair to say we had a few requests for bottles(!) They collected samples and undertook field trials, and it was from these trials that the first pepper to officially challenge the Red Savina took the Guinness World Record with a heat rating of 1,001,304 SHU. Since late 2015, some have been questioning whether this variety/strain is any different to the 7 Pot Primo, a pepper which predates the Reaper. Anomalum Heat levels were tested by Warwick HRI, and the Dorset Naga came in a… With some impressive looking graphs and charts, the Morouga topped out at a shade over 2 million SHU, with an average rating of 1,207,764. Iran Serbia C. chinense varieties are well known for their unique flavors and many have exceptional heat. He spread word on the original C2C site and, on 30th July 2005, sent seed to Butch Taylor (Crosby, MS), and other hobbyists in Cortland, NY, Stafford, TX, Bangor, ME, Sterling Heights, MI, Barstow, CA, and Brengues, France. Guatemala Rhomboideum Naga Morich (Dorset Naga) Naga Morich (Dorset Naga) Cap. It arrived hot on the heals of the Trinidad Scorpion. You can test the same variety of chili grown in two different climates and get very different SHU readings. Ukraine Surinam Chile South Korea Sister of the famed Ghost Pepper (yet to come), this beauty is native to northern India and Bangladesh, where it’s often eaten green (read: unripe) and raw, as a side dish. Vietnam The name they chose did nothing to quell the debate raging as to whether the Naga Morich and the Bhut Jolokia were different peppers. The Original Recipe was soon followed by a version called Private Reserve which had even more naga morich pepper than the original, but the hard core chilli heads among you said the sauce was very hot, but not hot enough. China fiery food loving Bangladeshi's are not stupid enough to eat a whole Naga pod. Mild Tovarii With a range from 1,000,000 to 1,500,000 Scoville heat units, only the hottest ghost peppers can compare to the mildest Naga Morich. Parvifolium Very Hot Sudan One of the questions we hear most often is, which is the hottest pepper? Pakistan E. Europe The Naga Morich 'snake or serpent chilli' is one of the world's most sought after and We read about new names almost every week, but they are all variations on the peppers talked about above. Niger Romania Buforum Wikipedia, This will create an email alert. Another year, another world's hottest pepper. Hawaii The TS was as of then unknown on GardenWeb and by Coast 2 Coast Pepper Company discussion forum. People no longer discover new varieties while trekking deep in the jungles of South America, these days all the new names seem to stem from the re-growing of existing peppers. Bolivia Ciliatum Someone will always be willing to grow a hot pepper, give it a likely sounding provenance and a shiny new name and get a slightly higher Scoville rating.

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