The flowers begin cream with red splashes and transition to fully red giving you a multi-tone performance on one plant. Final bloom color depends on weather and temperature. Qty: - OR - Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Orchid Cream Nasturtium. The colour changes from cream with a red splash to fully red. Tropaeolum majus. The final flower colour depends on weather and temperature. Intriguing detailed cream flower of the 'Orchid Cream' catches the eye with its delicate brush stroke marking, similar to features of its namesake. The final flower color will vary by temperature and intensity of light. Ideal for planting en-masse in … These … Use as companion plants for cabbage, cucumbers, and herbs. $4.50. Orchid-like flowers open a cream to pale yellow shade splashed in red. $3.35 . Over the next days, the cream color shifts towards pink and carmine red tones. Price: $5.50 . Brand: Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds Product Code: Orchid Cream Availability: 1. Helps in repelling whitefly and cabbage caterpillars. Height: 30cm/12" Description: An unusual Nasturtium with chameleon like flowers. SKU. orchidcream . Final garden height is 12". A lovely plant for borders as it has a great mound-like plant shape and fantastic colour contrast. Shield-like leaves of the nasturtium float above fleshy stems like a trophy, hence the Latin name Tropaeolum. Buy Orchid Cream nasturtium seeds. A very unique and attractive Nasturtium with flower colours varying from creamy white with paintbrush-like splashes of red, to fully red as they mature. Description Related Products (2) Nasturtium - Container Little Firebirds , Tropaeolum majus. Tropaeolum majus 'Orchid Cream' Short code: 50504. The 12 in. Nasturtium - Orchid Cream. Nasturtium ‘Orchid Cream’ Showy, color-changing blooms!

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