own terms as there is no statewide standing order. Oklahoma law directly authorizes pharmacists to dispense naloxone without a prescription. There are currently seven sites in Oklahoma City where naloxone kits can be obtained for free, and additional locations in Ardmore, Lawton, Mead, Norman, Ponca City, Roland, Shawnee and Tulsa. A family member, friend, or other individual, including law enforcement, fire Pharmacists will manage and dispense Opioid Overdose Toolkits to trained first responders serving in tribal communities, per the standing order. Purpose. An individual at risk of experiencing an opioid‐related overdose; or B. This standing order is current as of . STANDING ORDER FOR PRESCRIPTION OF NALOXONE FOR OVERDOSE PREVENTION l. Authority. * This standing order authorizes YOUR PROGRAM , to maintain supplies of naloxone kits for the purposes of distributing them in the community those at … State of Oklahoma Effective January 1, 2015 2015 Opioid Antagonist (Naloxone) Protocol Specifically for OSDH Naloxone Program EMR EMT GENERAL SUPPORTIVE CARE OBTAIN VITAL SIGNS O2 VIA NC, NRB, OR BVM AS APPROPRIATE APPLY CARDIAC MONITOR/OBTAIN 12-LEAD ECG (if equipped) This Standing Order is issued pursuant to authority vested in me as the Commissioner of Public Health and State Health Officer, acting under Georgia Code Sections 31-1-10(bX2), 31 -2A-2(b), 31-24-4, and 16-13-71(bX635) and (c)(1 4.25). The naloxone standing order will be reviewed, at least annually, to ensure that it meets the local needs and does not require modifications. This standing order is intended to ensure that naloxone is readily obtainable by any person who is: A. Order to Dispense The pharmacist must utilize the assessment form provided by the South Dakota Board of Pharmacy, found at In addition to trained personnel, Oklahoma now has a standing order for the medication, which means it can be obtained by anyone, like a flu shot. Additionally, in March 2019, Puerto Rico’s Department of Health Payment for naloxone differed by prescription type (χ 2 = 2106.4; df = 4; P < .001): standing order prescription payments were more likely to be by cash (22.6% standing order vs 3.1% nonstanding order) and less likely to be by Medicare (13.9% standing order vs 31.4% nonstanding order) than nonstanding order prescriptions. ll. IV. In Idaho and Oregon, pharmacists have authority to prescribe and dispense naloxone to individuals who do not otherwise have a prescription. DATE. and issued in accordance with Section 1714.22 of the California Civil Code. This standing order may be used as a prescription to obtain naloxone. This order is authorization for a pharmacist to dispense naloxone and devices for its administration solely in the forms prescribed herein.

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