I find it's very stable in tuning regardless of where it is and only needing a minor adjustment one and a while. I bought an abs plastic uke (Basically the Korala that Baz reviewed but sold under a different name) to have as a cheap take-anywhere option here in Maryland. Barry, I just watched you Outdoor Ukulele review. The Enya sounds thin while the Outdoor sounds rich and mellow. At the price I'd still choose the Enya, but as you said it's not really a fair comparison. The Outdoor instruments are made from two pieces of polycarbonate plastic (top and back/sides) fused together in the creation process. It seems a little expensive for what you get. The Outdoor Ukulele comes in either soprano or tenor size for around $95 and $145 respectively, depending on the color and is currently available in green, green camouflage, brown, brown camouflage, or moonshine (clear) colors. There is no guarantee what will happen in the great outdoors. I doubt a wooden Ukulele would survive the summer here if treated like my Outdoor is. This looks like a really nice ukulele that's probably too much coin for what it is; if I were to spend that much money I'd probably rather add an extra c-note and get something nicer in wood.Have you thought about reviewing the new one from Lava music, with or without the fancy onboard electronics? Recommended Travel Guitars I would go for the Waterman if I was in the market for a plastic uke—which I'm not. Also added a Double K&K pickup with no regrets. Great review. It give a very mellow tone and excellent sustain. Barry, I just watched you Outdoor Ukulele review. Fretting plastic strings on a plastic fretboard feels a bit funny at first, but you quickly get used to it. The utility of such a beater combined with known temperature tolerances will be worth it for me. One day while in the car the neck got soft in the heat and bent in the direction of the string tension. Back in 2011 I bought my first truly serious ukulele - the Kanile'a K-1 Tenor. We’re currently focused on custom builds direct through our site, but hope to open more dealers soon. The weirdest part about the Outdoor uke is that they neglected to round the neck very much. What was a reasonably nice utility uke became an unplayable mess in no time. IF you ever do decide to get an uke to leave in the car, I would shy away from the Waterman. Playing the ukulele, a lot of the resonance comes out in the attack of the notes. For the money, it's a pretty good instrument. The polycarbonate is supposed to be temperature resistant up to 400°F and down well past freezing levels: like -40°F. It was flawless, I still own it and adore it. I have Moonshine Tenor Gold. Instead of taking the risk and exposing your $1,000 guitar to the elements, consider getting a cheaper, lighter version to take with you on your adventures. Although you can’t see through the plastic, it catches the light in charming ways, appearing to glow sometimes. The Savarez strings I replaced them with don’t tend to intonate quite as well as flurocarbon. The bridge and saddle makes use of the engineering capabilities of a piece of plastic by using little keyhole-shaped slots for the strings. The resonance can be at times boomy and makes for a very loud sound. The neck could really use some rounding to make it more comfy in the hands. Here in the USA
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