This website uses cookies to improve your experience. ]0�ή(���b�פ1���1��\ Symbole rund um Outlook Nachstehend eine Aufstellung der verschiedenen Symbole, die du täglich in Outlook siehst und die du nicht immer interpretieren kannst. �p0TL����R�D�%���K��B�P���}�g~}����K���:��O\ՙ۶�L�+>Oj��`��Y͋T�i���33F�? Outlook holds a lot of icons to indicate different item types and other item properties. Select the symbol such as the smiley face, and click the New AutoText button. Kutools for Outlook : with more than 100 handy Outlook add-ins, free to try with no limitation in 60 days. Symbol Bedeutung Ungelesene Nachricht Gelesene Nachricht Ungelesene digital signierte Nachricht Gelesene digital signierte Nachricht Ungelesene verschlüsselte Nachricht a�B�-�ÁhY��PR�����T��4�k�4rFCI��j�*��z&�6��&��()x� �,����R%� Für die Verwendung der Symbole in E-Mails hat Microsoft in Outlook eine Übersicht eingebaut. Non-Native (added via custom forms or add-ins), Record gas mileage for Appointments, Meetings, Contacts and Tasks, Outlook for Microsoft 365 Apps Feature Update for November 2020, Add Teams, Skype, Zoom and other chat, call or meet now links to your signature, Outlook 2016 / 2019 / 365 Update for November 2020, Outlook 2016 (MSI) Update for November 2020, Exchange 2019, 2016 and 2013 Security Updates for November 2020, Send/Receive button doesn’t work for Exchange and accounts, No dark Reading Pane in Outlook with Black Theme (Sun/Moon button), Starting Outlook as an Administrator on Windows 10, Do not display “Top Results” when searching, Support and Recovery Assistant for Office 365 (SaRA), Message Deleted Without Being Read Notice, A Meeting Workspace is Associated with this Item, A File Attachment is Associated with this Item, Distribution List (Outlook 2003 and previous), Distribution List / Contact Group (Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010), Main mailbox store (holds the Outlook Today screen), Extra data store such as pst-file, mailbox, Public Folders, SharePoint etc…, Shared folder you are connected to and thus not in your own mailbox (, Inactive Search Folder (click on it to activate), Archived message via an Exchange level archiving solution, Spam message indicated via a 3rd party anti-spam solution. Emojis sind in Microsoft Outlook sehr rar gesät und recht gut versteckt. Wir erklären Ihnen, wie das funktioniert. <> Wechseln Sie in Outlook in die Kategorie "Einfügen". �FB@@_=�-C���� 9r�!�mZ!�G�AܺYR+��j�*�f�z&�6�2Y���]� K1 �I��2q��.�1�V�(����V��|L�XK���`�u�Z�OqХ`����(��� ��p��h�ƅb���cb>�F�?y��ً"�]�3P�Y�-��u��dq��A�U��O�>� \�H Nutzer, die Outlook 2016 und Windows 8.1 oder neuere Versionen verwenden, haben dadurch sogar die bunten Emoji-Versionen zur Auswahl, die sie aus diversen Social Media kennen. �Ȑ��b>��g��R��������W7p����O�v�f�0'>�!/R��Y(��Y]��ʒ�Qšg.���Y�`* 8�VUmR�Q�H�Ȥ�V�0m�R���:W�1�eH���N)"N+����Q8`��^PmJ�SU�2�g͡R�ISk1_J�"w�&R��`�L"&x�ç����3n�=�=% ,#jn'n��O��ߕdGK�(�L(�������>5:ڸ�O����c�F&m ^C�mj�*��Rq#S�\Q � }��\_���>d�h t�XD�X���XuK,v����+� ����"��Y ��q����g��~�@�.9E�|��W������"s�/F�q�����q\"��yj��4&&��M��֜e>����E�8*V_\�;��H���1J�\����Q�~k��/�E:���N�Q�*�N�K�|�%��CQ)��]৏���o��:Kݥ" 5$O ��܁��ȸ[3�2�w����}RԘ"�ˬ�A�� 95`���͋���ϲ��N�sRꜼ�5wRY����.�[�A~ɶ��ߐ*�g��b��Ex��N��p�˔/.WŎ=�.�䗊��d6�?�A��w�ptV奺Շ�HZH��6����r8�\X�Ҭ�}˺*���&J�D��74��˫ͣC���(9C�q�k�>�[�y��2����'��!-S��A� �p���ڭ���֎-�F*�#��R./oY]V^^.���!�����3��(E�|R���{��vrry�'y�o!��U��A��-��GdE�b�+)��Ҧw2��z&����H�����/�_�L�09й���0��˰OgER"�@Eg�\�O�$�U�*b$�굨N\Eb-+��.Ai�8��H���!�d�z�U�ފ�p���O���{j�ȧ��p�FUu-����RU�&UZ�T�LZmF_*Y�_*Y�ї*I|���~�%�/H\��^$�7~�{����R�n׼DŽ8Ֆ@����s[����z^9J�B�&aoF�? This screenshot shows the 4 options you'll see when you download headers only. E-mail; Meeting Messages; Calendar; Contacts; Tasks; Journal; Folders; General; Security; Flags; Non-Native (added via custom forms or add-ins) Option 1: Eingabe kl… 1� ���h�@dE3Nh�'X.�� kA�;V��/�t�G�o�kkW�\ ��(�/?\�I�?\ej�n?��8� u�������Qw (�=S�'���J$���P�YR�����M���1�3i���)df�\Y�� ��+m)"��JS�x_I�`��C�D���ӝI����O����- �7`�������`�1�2�⌚{�n�����+���{��o_��O�6{�R���U��-��`����o�g�����A����-�g��)� �;�k���[[w㔅��7�ڕ�f�T89��],�";�{�!� �pv�S�ߌ�V��s��VYN �/�W�j~~�r�5tg��[?5��K����!�&�b��7::��߅)[���~��ʶ��������M����0K��e�"����1J���qAҔ��[����3���e��֝:��vD�֥3�:��v�B����i�{Z�AQ�qC��?��wo��G��Hu~~Zfy~fY9� ��Ҫ孄[ 붃���Q���߯�^�]���[Bz�M�`��.��n��el��y�T�����)��ZE��{�板��I ��v��v6��~�H�V���#���>e�|^f�R~ 1����K����6�KCN S��|�w95�N��}L�� �)�ފ���gN�������"`S?`-ZO*I�S�΄��z&}�W34�\9�4�(�)NPK=�,�4��\\M+�x���2���'(=$�ط�v$��Q}�Jc3;�h�҄"�{�QÓ�=�HԤo�СtmۜE#T1�8U �W�7��TB���u�"�4��� �R�;��R����j

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