The Department of Computer Science in Paderborn is one of the first addresses for computer science in Germany as rankings from the German Science Foundation (DFG) and the Centre for Higher Education (CHE) confirm regularly. The structure of most programs includes modules that are either called a Minor or (…)

The student is almost completely free to choose the areas of the other five modules. This is the Student Application Server of International Master Degrees coordinated by the Faculty of Sciences and Technologies of University Jean Monnet. They can be shaped as highly specialized, or oriented towards transdisciplinarity. If you don't have an account, you can register. In order to apply for an international master, please login below. In this study, profound knowledge is gained to synthesize, characterize, and process functional materials Application for admission to the Master's degree in Computer Science. If you did  not acquire your university entrance qualification from a German school, you need Application deadline. To qualify as a regular student in the MSc program in Computer Science, the candidate must meet the following conditions: Hold a B.Sc. Paderborn University is the University for the Information Society. The Master’s programs offer a large flexibility in terms of subjects’ choices. Otherwise, your application may not be taken into consideration. EPFL also offers a range of double diplomas and joint degrees via alliances with certain international academic partners. Algorithm Design, Computer Systems, Data Science, Intelligence and Data, Networks and Communication, Software Engineering. We hence rely and extend on knowledge representation standards developed for the Semantic Web. Tuition fees per semester in EUR None Combined Master's degree / PhD programme No Joint degree / double degree programme No Description/content. Welcome to the Data Science Group. The new master program ’Materials Science‘ combines the competences of materials physics, materials chemistry and materials science as well as process engineering in an interdisciplinary union of different faculties from Paderborn university. Our strong foundation in computer science and its applications, as well as the importance of IT for a growing number of disciplines, are the pillars for this claim. Winter semester (starting in October): 31 May Summer semester (starting in April): 30 November. Applications for 2021-2023. Process . Master of Science in Computer Science Paderborn University w-801. Important: Please make sure to apply for your studies at the University of Paderborn correctly! The Data Science (DICE) group develops methods, algorithms and applications for the extraction, integration, storage, querying, access and consumption of large-scale datasets. Please take good care to choose the correct appplication procedure for your applicant group. In contrast to most other groups, DICE focusses on knowledge-driven methods.

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