This circle is glued to a big round pin, so that if you turn the round pin the circle will turn as well. Sometimes the whole side panel is used as a slider . After completing the lid, continue with the lock mechanism. You consent to our cookies if you continue to use our website. (July 18, 2011), Net Shop UK. 6 Locking sides This is only possible if you are able to disassemble the whole box or locking bars ( I'll explain what this when I 've some more info about 6 locking sides.). Keyways can be made in a lot of different ways, but the most usual is to make it so that a round pin has to be guided trough. More coming soonThe turn and slide google sketchup file of this box (30 moves): So how does this puzzle box work, as you can see in pic 1 and 2  the keyway is a round maze, wich is cut out of a circle. - Beech, a very close and tough wood, don't know about the price. (July 18, 2011), Serious Puzzles. Otherwise the wood can swell or expand, ruining the puzzling experience. If it's supposed to move, it will move easily. Sliders have to be attached to the panel someway, so they can't move up or down alone, nor can be pulled out or off. Reply Puzzle Box,Magic Box Wooden Secret Compartment Brain Teaser Box Game Money Gift Box Puzzles Boxes for Adults Kids Toddlers. A fun thing you could do is make a piece with a string attached and put it behind a small hole. (July 18, 2011), Unique Box Shop. Puzzle box. Here is the slide show link to see my puzzle box.Still have to varnish it. As last I test it in google sketchup and maybe make some cool art designs for it. Do you know any puzzle boxes that are made up of interlocking pieces that could disassemble? 4.3 out of 5 stars 173. Now chose wich pin you want to be able to move first. And start designing it in google sketchup. Fixed sides normally simply consist out of 1 layer and are glued to the other fixed sides so they can't move. When I've got my idea, I look how can i make a puzzle box out of this and how should the mechanism work. 00. - A drawing programme like photofiltre(free), photoshop, preferable having a grid (haven't     found a good free programme with customaizble grid yet, if you know one tell me.) 2 years ago. "Karakuri Money Bank Japanese Puzzle Box (Self Assembly Kit)." However I didn't find all the files, the files are added in step 8. If you want to double the amount of moves, you have to add a fake lid. "Polish Puzzle Boxes." Hey man, I'll look for them but no promises, I switched to fusion 360 and would interested in 3d printing some puzzle boxes as well. By moving this layer the right way it wil move far enough down ( if your lid is on top) so you can slide of the lid. If you know how to use photo editing programme precisely (by entering measerements) then I would suggest you make the drawings in a photo editing programme and print them out in real size. If you'll be able to design something like that there almost isn't a thing you can't design :), Reply Could you make them available again please? In 3th step I'll go into greater depth of this and upload some pictures.Keyways This is you're actual lock, the solution for it is like the key (of a real lock) and the keyway is like the inside of a lock.1+ locking sides This means you have several side with keyways or other clever tricks that you have to aply to a side to solve it. The lids are used to each block 1 locking side from moving, so you first have to move the right locking, panel then the right lid, then the other locking panel and then the other lid and so on. on Introduction. 10 years ago Moraphee Wooden Puzzle Box Brain Teaser Secret Jewellery Gift Box for Christmas Surprise. Oh and i'm making it up as i go along.I like your ideas for keyways....mine are a bit different for yours, i find other people's interpretations of everything very interesting. Google sketchup model: Locking sidesthis is exactly the same as 4 locking sides. It's obviously been a while since you posted this, but I'm interested in trying out your puzzle boxes manufactured on a 3d printer. If there're people who will settle with some plans fo simple puzzle boxes(at least 5+ moves) I will make some plans. Because I can't glue the pieces to the round pins, cause if I do so the design won't work anymore. (July 18, 2011), Serious Puzzles. Some examples I''ve seen several things, using cold (of a freezer), moving a metal ball  with a magnet (how the ball opens the mechanism I still don't know), using a paperclip to push a piece that's behind a small hole. greets Brandon 5 stars for me :P, This is normally the most time consuming part of the design process. Reply Togehther these 4 layers form a locking panel. I first look for ideas: shapes, special mechanisms, certain amount of moves, special/tricky moves, other puzzles (especially flat ones), etc. Online wood working tutorialsGlueing and more videosGlueingGreat instructable of how to cut, glue wood and making wood cube assembly puzzles A few things you need to know when building a puzzle box. Unfortunately the links to the models and plan docs don't work any more. First of all in this technique the lids are very important and it's very usefull to have a 3d programme like google sketchup(the free version is good enough I use it myself). Very similar to a Chinese puzzle-lock box, the puzzle box changes shape in accordance to which button has been pressed. All that is left then is actually building it (takes a lot of time).Google sketchup tips Oke the first thing I would recommend is that you use the right template, I recommend either using "product design and woodworking - milimeters" or "product design and woodworking -  inches". Did you ever post a video of your puzzle cube? Here, I first make the mechanisms and the cover up. Also keep in mind that the parts from the slider that are between walls of the box need enough space to move to the right and left. "Puzzle Boxes." These shapes range from individual body parts removing themselves from the main body, to the entire bulk of the box gaining the shape of either a flower or even a lozenge (diamond). This would free the front panel, so it can move up and down. (July 18, 2011), Top 10 Tips for Solving Crossword Puzzles, How to Choose the Right Swingset for Your Kids, Information about the device's operating system, Information about other identifiers assigned to the device, The IP address from which the device accesses a client's website or mobile application, Information about the user's activity on that device, including web pages and mobile apps visited or used, Information about the geographic location of the device when it accesses a website or mobile application. Before playing with the new puzzle, I took the original out of my collection and re-opened it. The best is probably titebond, but    it's rather expensive.Optional - Metal for decorations or innovative creations (a few):       - Brass       - Stainless steel       - Steel       - Iron - Magnets - PaintDesinging Tools - First of all the most Important YOUR BRAIN. Normally it consist out of 4 layers or 5, you use that fifth layer to make it stronger and cover up the keyways on the inside. "American Puzzle Boxes." £12.99 £ 12. Can't wait to see the finished box and see it in action. Something about the beauty of the wood and the challenge of the opening mechanism really stuck in my mind. However much more margin is needed. To open the box, the front strip of cocobolo must be slid to one side, thus allowing the top to slide out freely. If the wheel turns clockwise it's the opposite.

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