Add a super stable BT version 5.0 and DA-8S should work nicely in a wide-open space, even with few concrete walls between it and the BT source. As much as I liked the DA-8S in pure analog mode, it lacks quite some details while streaming, the transient response took a serious hit and the biggest hit was felt in the low end. Bang is not a linear sounding amplifier, it is warm, full-bodied and bold sounding all the time. But the Kefs have both a broader frequency range and a higher output than my Focals, and while the little SA100 ran the Focals, it wasn’t exactly pristine. I often test clarity and tone reproduction with Dire Straits’ Down to the Waterline, so I moved on to that. It is really easy connecting a smart device with the SMSL DA-8S, just select the BT input, search for “SMSL BT5.0A” with your smart device, connect to it and that’s it. On unboxing my first thought was that, for a 50 Watt per side amp, this thing is tiny. I’d love the chance to pair it with the M100 DAC SMSL has released. It actually improved the drier midrange of Diamond 11.2 and even added a layer in the bass. No displays, not a single button, no volume control, just a single LED that will show its working status. I decided to test it together with a variety of equipment I have, and the obvious first comparison was versus an SMSL SA36A Pro that currently resides in my kids’ bedroom attached to an old set of Polk RTi3s. The only thing that bothered was the detail that was lost, DA-8S again sounded muddier, with less details and having a weaker driver control. That said, I’m no expert. Features wise, it’s pretty basic – there’s an auxiliary input and a little Bluetooth antenna with decent range, centered around a Texas Instruments TPA3116D2 class D … Listening to Infected Mushroom – Guitarmass (Head of NASA and the 2 Amish Boys, 2018) was quite a feast in terms of dynamics. Burson Bang is all about slam, it is very saturated and vivid in its presentation. With DA-8S being in the living room, I took my phone and walked in all the rooms trying to disconnect it, I even left the apartment and signal was still going strong. Diamond 11.2 is using a Woven Kevlar cone to render the bass and a textile dome tweeter for the treble. With the next iteration I would increase the display size, I would put it in the middle and would move the volume wheel on the far right. The OLED screen is really small and you can change some of its setting only when sitting closely to it. Bottom line is that DA-8S sounds more technical, more extended in the FR, more detailed, offers double the power and it is much cheaper. It’s pretty clean and very minimalistic, which is nice given the space available. SMSL SA300 2 x 80W Stereo Bluetooth 5.0 apt-X Amplifier with subwoofer pre-out and remote. The usual crystal clear treble end of the Focals started to develop a bit of strain. DA-8S comes with a Bluetooth antenna and the internal BT chip is capable of receiving SBC, AAC and AptX codecs. It provided a very nice, clear and relatively distortion free experience up to the upper end of the volume range – the room isn’t exactly optimized for acoustics, but I found it particularly nice compared to the 36A with midrange vocals. They let me keep it after writing an Amazon review. Having gobs of power is one thing but controlling all that power is sometimes more important, especially with faster music. Having a linear and a colorless type of sound, system matching is crucial with this amplifier. It didn’t sound as transparent as Hegel H160, nor as refined as Cambridge Audio Azur 851A, as warm and bold as Burson Audio Bang, but when I wasn’t analyzing my music and played it for pleasure, none of that mattered as DA-8S offered exactly what I needed to relax and feel good. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the BudgetAudiophile community. I’d go so far as to say that for the meanwhile, it will be my go-to recommendation for the home or work desktop use case, especially if it stays under $75 USD. It’s worth noting that I didn’t wire in my usual desktop Mission sub, so I was really just listening for improvements in the mid and upper range here. The only bad audio system, is the one you don't enjoy to the fullest. Thanks to a larger soundstage level of this speaker, the music sounds quite transparent and airy but the resolution is not on the same level. DA-8S design can be summarized as a silver aluminum brick as it doesn’t attract a lot of attention, the volume wheel sticks out just by 1 mm, making it look on the same level with the case. And our branch company VMV Technology(HK) Company Limited registered in HK in 2013. Treble, you can change its position from -10 dB to +10 dB, if you enable it, EQ mode will automatically change to Tone mode, Bass, you can change its position from -10 dB to +10 dB, if you enable it, EQ mode will automatically change to Tone mode, DISP Mode – Inputs or Volume (you can select if in the default menu it will show the selected input or the volume level). Mid-bass was rendered nicely and felt immediately in the chest. Overall, I’d happily recommend this to someone building up a little desktop or a work system. Disclaimer – this unit was provided free of charge by the Aoshida Store on AliExpress, who I understand is now testing Amazon as a marketing means and asked whether I’d be interested in reviewing the unit.

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