Students may view and print their end-of-semester grades using my.SMU. I am currently on academic probation. SMU Abroad students should also see the Grade Options for Courses Taken on SMU Abroad Programs section in this catalog. Basically, the way it will work is professors will report letter grades as normal. A S cannot be repeated. Sincerely, Students are responsible for completing their own due diligence to be fully aware of the implications of their decision to convert an assigned grade to S/S-/NC. No. Then, students will have the option to keep that grade or choose Satisfactory (S), Satisfactory Minus (S-) and No Credit (NC) based on the guidelines in the policy. Taking this step will be especially significant as students consider the impact of converting a course (or courses) to S/S-/NC and its impact on scholarships. A S- can be repeated as it is the equivalent of a D type grade. The policy is designed to provide flexibility for individual students’ circumstances and encourage you to finish your courses. No. Assigned grades of A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, and C- will all be eligible for conversion to a S. The S will have hours earned but will not be included in your GPA. Faculty & Staff Human Resources Policies & Procedures Financial Services University Security Facilities Management Conference Services. Students must petition approval for the pass/fail S and S- will not count in the 12 hours. studies, that may not be taken pass/fail by a particular student. The declaration of S, S- or NC does not count as a Pass/Fail attempt. Graduate courses and graduate students are covered by separate grading schemes. No. What resources will be available to help a student decide whether to convert their assigned grade to a S/S-/NC basis? The instructor can set a time frame for you to complete the course but not longer than one year. as their only grading basis option. There are additional FAQ’s touching on some of these categories. Can I change the D to a S- that will not calculate in my GPA? Students who cannot remember their password can reset their password via the online Password Reset Tool or contact the OIT Help Desk directly for assistance. NC grading option. The only exception to this policy is for courses designated by SMU’s academic departments with no credit or pass/fail as their only grading basis option. Peter K. Moore Since individual scenarios will vary, please talk to your advisor. A Medical Withdrawal has a pro-rata refund of tuition and fees but also carries with it additional documentation and other requirements. Grades are posted in my.SMU continuously once finals start as they are submitted by course instructors. The counselors will ensure decisions do not negatively affect eligibility. When a student drops below 12 hours they are considered part-time at that point regardless of the original enrollment. This temporary grading policy should relieve anxiety and uncertainty about course grades and GPAs. I dropped 3 of my courses and they will be removed from my official academic transcript making it appear that I was only taking 6 hours but I need something official stating I was enrolled for 15 hours at the beginning of the Spring Term. be graded on a pass/fail basis. I was studying abroad through SMU Study Abroad. option from the program director and the faculty member teaching the course. Faculty & Staff Human Resources Policies & Procedures Financial Services University Security Facilities … Late requests will not be accepted or considered. A student is not eligible to use the Spring 2020 Grading Option for a course if they are determined responsible for a violation of the Honor Code either thru Faculty Disposition or the Honor Council regardless of the type of sanction given. No. Can I use this option? Thank you. With a two exceptions noted below, the S- grade will meet general education requirements. Will a student that elects to convert their assigned grade to a S or S- be eligible to repeat that course in the future under the Undergraduate Course Repeat Policy? There may also be other courses required to meet certain professional accreditation Plans for this process at the end of the term are being made now and will be broadly communicated and posted to the University Registrar’s website as soon as they are finalized. A grade change must be initiated by the instructor who taught the course and authorized by the department chair and course dean of the department in which the course was offered. The S- will meet a few, but not most prerequisites. Visit our Virtual University page for resources and information related to COVID-19.

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