The average salary for a registered nurse is $44.38 per hour in Boston, MA and $16,000 overtime per year. Filter by location to see Critical Care Transport RN salaries in your area. Salaries are annual unless otherwise stated. A certified critical care nurse is a registered nurse with advanced specialty training to tend to patients in acute care and critical care situations. What Would My Job Duties Be? Critical Care Nurse Salary & Employment Outlook. Professional experience also influences earning power. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all types of registered nurses, including critical care nurses, earned a median annual salary of $71,730 as of 2018 ( This ICU nurse certification has an average increase in pay of about 16% according to National’s review of nursing salaries. Salary estimates are based on 67,486 salaries submitted anonymously to Glassdoor by Critical Care Transport RN employees. Provide advanced nursing care for patients in critical or coronary care units. According to the job posting and career website, the median annual salary for a critical care nurse is $68,462. CCRN (Pediatric) – For youth and infant care in critical condition. Salary and wage information for registered nurses is compiled regularly by analysis of Australian jobs advertised in major publications. CMC (Adult) – Nurses who work with cardiac conditions in critical care. 2020 Critical Care Nurses in Perry, FLSalary Guide: How much do Critical Care Nurses make in Perry, FL? Average Salaries for Critical Care Nurses. Other top-paying areas for the occupation include Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, and Phoenix, with salaries ranging from $76,168 to $81,971. The average salary is $88,000 per year but can vary depending on a variety of factors. The national average salary for a Critical Care Transport RN is $65,870 in United States. We are an exceptional community of acute and critical care nurses offering unwavering professional and personal support in pursuit of the best possible patient care. The median annual salary for critical care nurses is $72,541, and the nation’s highest-paying location is Los Angeles, California, where nurses enjoy an average salary of $108,811 a year. CCRN (Neonatal) – For critical care condition neonatal patients. Registered Nurse Salary / Wage. American Association of Critical Care Nurses is more than the world’s largest specialty nursing organization.

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