Cam profiles optimise the valve timing to achieve power characteristics that are ideally suited to city streets and twisty suburban roads. Currently available bikes which are similar to Katana are Kawasaki Ninja 1000, Harley-Davidson Iron 883 & BMW F900R. From 3 Year Warranty through to our Service Promise, when you buy a Suzuki, you're getting much more than your bike. Media Thailand bahkan menyebut kemunculan Suzuki Katana 150 tersebut sangat mungkin terjadi. WEIGHT (KG) 53.30. The KATANA was developed to be a sporty styled street motorcycle that takes lean, mean retro flair and evolves it to offer thoroughly modern styling and performance. Part No. The seat height of 825mm provides comfort and allows riders to plant their feet on the ground when stopped. Outer "Suzuki" logo. The Suzuki KATANA is destined ... 110 kW @ 10,000 rpm (150 PS) Torque: 108.0 Nm @ 9,500rpm (79.66 lb. POWER (PS) 999 ENGINE (CC) 215. Fired by the same spirit, Suzuki’s development team tested and tuned each component to create a compact, lightweight chassis that is engineered to provide agility, ease of control and a fun-to-ride character. But nevertheless, for the first time, we have more details on this upcoming e-scooter. A servo‑actuated butterfly valve opens to a degree calculated from the engine speed, throttle position, and gear position. Material: Aluminium with nylon pad. SCAS is an advanced clutch system supporting both sporty riding and less fatigue on long rides. In 2019, Suzuki will reuse the "Katana" name for its redesigned 2020 model. Finely crafted to take riding pleasure to a new level. Each caliper has four opposing Ø32mm pistons. A computerised ECM checks the status and disengages the starter motor immediately after start. A catalyser in the exhaust chamber keeps emissions low enough to satisfy the strict Euro 4 regulations. Includes Suzuki logo. The twin-spar aluminium alloy frame is engineered to provide nimble handling and great road holding performance. 990D0-07L16-000, Material: Aluminium and nylon. 150 bhp : Max Torque: 108.8 Nm : About Katana. But due to COVID-19 pandemic, the launch could have been postponed. Five variable heat settings. Part No. This allows us to provide relevant content for you. The system fine‑tunes the exhaust pulses for strong low‑to‑mid‑range output. Suzuki India’s electric scooter details revealed. 2pc Set. Add some more style to your KATANA with the Matt finish Carbon Alternator Cover. Suzuki’s advanced traction control system² lets the rider control the throttle with more confidence in diverse conditions; making sport riding more enjoyable and less tiring. Suzuki has taken the wraps off the Katana Red in Japan. Smoked tint. Includes KATANA logo. The 63mm stroke of the link-type rear suspension is tuned for a superb progressive feel and to react efficiently to road surface conditions, delivering an agile and stable feel. 990D0-04K26-CRB, Red colour option. 990D0-07L06-RED, Matt finish. Part No. Suzuki Katana is not launched in India yet. The team are here to keep you going – even if it's simply a case of lost keys, a flat tyre or you’ve run out of petrol. Pack of 8. Part No. Dự kiến, Katana 150 sẽ được ra mắt vào khoảng cuối năm nay. Part No. Suzuki Katana 150 phiên bản mới thuộc phân khúc Retro Sport 150cc sẽ được phát triển dựa trên nền tảng của GSX-R150 đã trình làng trước đó. 59110-17KD0-000, Red colour option. Part No. 45100-07L11-BW3, Enhance the look of your KATANA with this graphic set. 990D0-07L05-CRB, For Protection to reduce potential damage to your KATANA. The exhaust system has a 4‑2‑1 design with equaliser pipes between the 1‑and‑4 and 2‑and‑3 header pipes. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO. The Japanese KATANA is beautiful to gaze upon and unbelievably exciting to wield. Heimilisfang Skeifan 17 108 Reykjavík 59310-17KD0-000, Various "KATANA" stickers. Smoked tint. Part No. Advances inside the engine begin with the pistons. Add some more style to your KATANA with the Matt finish Carbon Clutch and Starter Cover. 990D0-04K20-CRB, Add some more style to your KATANA with the Matt finish Carbon Clutch Cover. Inner "KATANA" logo. 990D0-07L40-000, Material: Aluminium and nylon. This is ideal for achieving both high rigidity and low weight. Made from Suzuki’s signature manufacturing engineering, designed for the Philippine roads, built for the Filipinos – the rough road raider for adventure across borders. Suzuki Katana is expected to launch in India in December 2020 in the expected price range of ₹ 9,00,000 to ₹ 10,00,000. The frame’s main tubes are designed to run straight from the steering head to the swingarm pivot. Moving it, along with the rear turn signals and number plate holder, to this position eliminates parts extending from under the seat to give the tail section clean lines and a purer, lighter look. The forks feature fully adjustable damping, rebound, compression and spring pre-load. Part No. Suzuki Katana | Your Next India Made Superbike? The slim design where the seat meets the fuel tank also helps make it easy for the rider’s feet to reach the ground. actuated butterfly valve opens to a degree calculated from the engine speed, throttle position, and gear position. Next. Wheel Decal Inner & Outer rim. The exhaust pipe incorporates a Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system. Our Suzuki Service Promise means that you will experience superior levels of care and leave impressed by the little extras we include as standard. Enhance the look of your KATANA with this stylish Fly Screen. Protects against scuffs and marks. Suzuki used finite‑element‑analysis techniques to make the pistons light without compromising their rigidity. 57100-07810-000, Protects your fuel cap from scuffs and marks. 94600-07810-000, Add a touch of style to your KATANA with this optional coloured seat. The Suzuki KATANA is destined to create a new legend. This system will automatically raise the idle speed when engaging the clutch or when riding at low rpm, assisting frequent clutch work in congested town rides and preventing sudden engine stall sometimes known to happen when running large capacity twins in the low rpm range. Part No, 990D0-07L01-CRB, For comfortable, clutch, throttle and brake operation in cold weather. 990D0-07L19-000, 11 litre capacity extending to 15 litres. At the back of KATANA, the new LED rear combination lights feature a sharp line and unique lighting pattern that heighten the advanced look of the KATANA’s styling. Finely crafted to take riding pleasure to a new level. Part No. Its broad torque output range combines with a new throttle control that delivers this power smoothly. The LCD instrument cluster packs a wide range of useful information into a compact form. Exciting to wield.The epitome of fine craftsmanship, this famed sword combines sophisticated Japanese aesthetics and pure beauty into a sharp design. Enhance the look of your KATANA with this stylish Fly Screen. Designed using the latest FEM analysis technology, the frame weighs about the same as the current GSX-R1000. 12pc set per wheel. 990D0-04600-000, For Small and Large Tank Bags. Inner "KATANA" logo. Suzuki’s dedication to creating distinctive beauty includes paying due respect to tradition while at the same time aiming to incorporate the latest advances in technology. Replacement for standard front fender. 990D0-04105-000, Specialist Insurance for your Suzuki Motorcycle. The exhaust chamber after the joint section fits under the engine, so the muffler is minimally sized for a clean, agile look. Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement, 4-stroke, 4-cylinder, liquid-cooled, DOHC, Inverted telescopic, coil spring, oil damped. Part No. Italian designer Rodolfo Frascoli – he of the Moto Guzzi Griso, Triumph Speed Triple et al – remembers noticing a few years ago how well all the “retro” bikes were doing, and took it upon himself to show up with his new design at the Milan show in 2017. Includes "S" logo. Part No. The benefits include broad torque and quick acceleration. This new version is based on the GSX-S1000F with a 2005–2006 GSX-R1000 K5 engine with a claimed power output of 110 kW (150 hp). MPG* PRODUCT INFORMATION. With the Low RPM assist system, the concern of an unexpected engine stall has been relieved. Part No. Rumor adanya Katana 150 pertama kali berhembus dari majalah Jepang, Young Machine yang merilis tebakan gambar Katana 125.

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