Hello fellow Breya player, looks like a good start! Discord Server | 2) fire and ice. They make an excellent little combo together. Infinite turns just sounds rude enough to be fun. This is the best sword of magic, thus it's also the best sword of EDH. Login . $0.40, As low as: You said best sword in EDH. Your running Sword of the Meek but not Thopter Foundry? If you add Plating then also consider the artifact lands: Seat of the Synod, Vault of Whispers, Ancient Den? Equipped creature gets +1/+2. Assembly combos with Sieve for infinite turns. Combine it with disruption and counterspells and you have a very strong package that is very hard to stop. I've looked at Cranial Plating but was not trying to specifically go voltron with Alela. But there is a lot of fast aggro in the current Modern environment so you never know. View All Versions Rarity, #: U, 165 Card Type: Artifact Equipment Description: Equipped creature gets +1/+2. Or people anticipating demand rather than actual demand. Future Sight. You can play Salvage Titan by sacrificing 3 artifacts and you can get 3 artifacts into play by milling a Narcomoeba to return Sword of the Meeks to your battlefield attached to it and also sacing Memnites and/or Ornithopters. If your interested have a look at my own version Junk Drop feat. In green, for example, we see Elemental Bond, Colossal Majesty, Rishkar’s Expertise, and a myriad of other effects that reward you for playing enormous monsters. Menu . 1 Time Sieve ... casual EDH decks, but this one's intended to be fast, competetive, and brutal. More … There is also Breya, Etherium Shaper + Nim Deathmantle if you use any sacrifice outlets like Ashnod's Altar or … Toggle navigation. Artifact lands count as artifacts and have interaction with Transmuter and Forgemaster especially Seat. $0.80. With an artifact theme Cranial Plating can be a win condition doing potential lethal 21 Commander damage when equipped to flying Alela. Only needing lands and/or 2 total mana in play to win makes an extremely fast clock to race against. $0.06, As low as: Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek as Finisher . $0.65, As low as: $0.04, As low as: Whenever a 1/1 creature enters the battlefield under your control, you may return Sword of the Meek from your graveyard to play, then attach it to that creature. $0.01, As low as: I'll have to think about that. Here is a little wiki i found talking about them briefly: ROFLThopter & Thopter Depths. With so many basic lands you could improve the manabase with Check lands: Drowned Catacomb, Glacial Fortress, Isolated Chapel and/or the two Battle lands: Sunken Hollow and Prairie Stream which are more budget options. Home Deckbuilder Forum Decks Top Decks Deck Search Sets. This site is unaffiliated. Sydri, Galvanic Genius + Voltaic Construct + Gilded Lotus or any artifact that produces 3 of more mana & use Exsanguinate or Blue Sun's Zenith. September 19, 2018 by Joseph Schultz . But how exactly does the combo work, so you know how to play it, OR how to disrupt it properly when you’re staring down the combo on the other side of the table? Thank you for your feedback! In my opinion, Grinding Station requires a lot of building around, with a bunch of eggs like Chromatic Star, Sly Requisitioner, Sword of the Meek, Memnite and other 0 mana artifacts, Thopter Foundry, even KCI (I once brewed and played a deck built around this kind of stuff a year or so ago). View cart for details. Sword of the Meek. (60 cards, 29 distinct) - Underground Sea, Tolarian Academy, Demonic Tutor, Academy Ruins, Wurmcoil Engine, Mystical Tutor, Grave Pact ), which means Thopter Foundry is ready to churn out bodies again. by TroublingPath. 8/7/2020: If a creature is entering the battlefield under your control, consider static abilities to determine whether its power and toughness are both 1. I didn't see the interaction between the Altar and Thopter Foundry. It was a control shell built Thopter Foundry + Sword of the Meek and it dominated the Extended format in 2010. by Fatkidblockintv, The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings 3. Assembly has interaction with Alela because it's an artifact that gets returned to your hand if you control no Thops to be cast again.

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