Like the rubber tree where latex comes from, these foods are botanical plants. Some foods have proteins that are similar to those in the rubber tree sap. Cross-reactive foods are tricky – You may be fine with a food one day, but react when you eat it the next time. Here is a list of cross-reactive foods for people allergic to latex: Title: LATEX CROSS-REACTIVE FOODS Author: Frank Cook Created Date: 11/26/2005 10:04:48 PM The most commonly reported cross-reactive foods include banana, avocado, kiwi, and chestnut together with papaya, fig, potato, and tomato. Coffee Sesame Gluten Gum Arabic Cola Nut Cocoa, Karaya Gum Cola Drinks Cucumber Ragweed Green Pea Lentil, Peanut, Soybean Chickpea, Green Bean, Lima Bean Birch Do you know anyone who is? This is known as a cross reaction. However, latex-sensitive individuals might have an allergic reaction to certain foods. It’s not necessary for patients to avoid all foods that cross-react with the latex plant. Most people need not concern themselves with foods containing latex -- a substance naturally present in some plants. Are you slightly, moderately, or severely allergic to latex? Cross-reactivity or cross-allergy is an immune-mediated phenomenon of IgE antibodies recognizing, binding, and inducing immune responses to molecules with similar structures. Latex 101: Latex allergy = Allergy, Anaphylaxis, Asthma and Cross Reactive Food Allergy is a program that includes a poster and fact sheets to assist in latex allergy education. Cross-reactions may occur between the residual parts of plant proteins in the latex rubber and proteins in foods just like cross-reactions between pollen and foods. You may be surprised to learn, that there are certain foods Waiting days to repeat the same food seems to help reduce reactions, and it allows any symptoms to show themselves clearly. The rubber tree has more than 200 proteins and 14 of these proteins are also in these specific foods and can cause an allergic reaction. Refer to our Latex Allergy Checklist, Latex Allergy Action Plan, and Travel Plan- Booking and Boarding an Airplane Checklist. These cross-reactions include proteins from animals, mites, molds, latex and other plant matter, medicines, venom as well as food. People with latex allergies can experience a reaction to “latex reactive foods.” These foods include: Co nsul t yo ur do ct o r f o r g ui dance o n yo ur l at ex al l erg y and eat i ng t hese f o o ds. Parsley, Latex Cherry Birch, Alder, Elm, Hazel Chilli Pepper Tomato Food Cross-reactivity List Nuts, Legumes, Fruits and Vegetables.

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