Design a professional signature using your email program and then use it on all your business-related email. APPALLING. You wouldn’t walk into a client’s house, throw yourself onto their sofa, and put your feet up on their coffee table, would you? If you admit your failure and give a whole spiel about it being a learning opportunity, you’ve essentially ended the blaming process and made lives easier. He was wrong. But they only wanna know what’s useful and what isn’t. Choose one or two platforms, post regularly, and be responsive. The rocking-est rock star of the food world, and he was 20 minutes early to everything. You might see self-appointed special people motivate others by lashing out and throwing fits—one time I saw a boss launch a phone into a wall when he was pissed—but those people suck, and your colleagues will appreciate it if you aren’t one of them. Why, I have to work at this very magazine with editor Chris Gayomali, who’s just INSUFFERABLE. … They’ll probably just be ungrateful assholes about it, but at least you can look down on them in private after the fact. Strengthen your sales skills. By all means, torch those bastards. Showing up without the equipment you need to do the job is unprofessional. If you do receive an important phone call that you must take while in a social venue, excuse yourself and take the call outside or somewhere inside such as a foyer. Don’t overdo the jewelry. Learn how to give a firm handshake. ME. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated 1/1/20) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated 1/1/20) and Your California Privacy Rights. Especially when you are meeting a client for the first time, a little general chit-chat can go a long way toward making you look human and your client comfortable. Since 1957, GQ has inspired men to look sharper and live smarter with its unparalleled coverage of style, culture, and beyond. They all wanna be in the old “Think Different” Apple ads. You have a lot of important things to do each day and the more often you drop everything to read the latest email that’s come in, the fewer of them you’ll get done. Give extra consideration to the people who stand to benefit from the work you do. On the other hand, you don’t want to come off as super serious and nothing but. Practice active listening. Don’t get violent or abusive. Showing up late for a party is fashionable. If you make a point of getting back to people, you’re already ahead of 90 percent of everyone else. Behavior. No matter how you feel, you have to present yourself as enthusiastic to go right to work—and do it. Show up on time for appointments. If you smell good,... Work sober. Be sensible. Jobs’s place in history will always be secure, but he was an unprofessional, pungent dick. That’s how you end up at a new job dying to make a good impression on everyone but failing to assess what you want out of the job and then working to get it. I’m not talking about creeps or corrupt bosses who commit wanton acts of harassment and criminality on the job. Dress seriously. He smelled like bad pickles. That is truly fucked up and deeply unprofessional. It’s hard to be self-disciplined in the work force, because doing what you’re told is easier on your brain and, frankly, school requires so much self-discipline that it can sour you on the practice. If you’re a relief to co-workers, they’ll be a relief to you. In my 20s, all I wanted to do was get out of work and get to the bar. Don’t be over-familiar. That’s my slogan, baby. As a professional, you’ll be expected to do it many many times, and you’ll also be judged many times on what yours is like. If your business involves leading bicycle tours, then obviously spandex is a fine choice. Did they improve anyone’s life? A professional is not a friend. If someone offers you a cup of coffee or a glass of water, that's OK, but don't solicit the offer. You are not John Belushi. I had to work on those. . If in doubt, don’t post. Bring cookies. It’s only human to want to quit a miserable job in style, walking out the door with double birds hoisted and dragging everyone you hate on social media after the fact. Save the trendy pieces for off-duty times. Do not discuss the call when you return. Errors make you look unprofessional. It’s depressing and shitty, actually. That’s its own existential reward, right? “All the best," “Cheers," and “Sincerely” all are good choices for closes. Just don’t fuck up again. Other people fuck up on the job, too! Then it’s time to invest in some additional phone services or hire a receptionist or answering service. If you’re meeting in an office, don’t play background music; it can make it very difficult for some people to hear what you’re saying, even when played at a low level. However, how you dress as a business professional will greatly depend on what business you’re in. Don’t be cruel. You have to pursue your ideas, even if they fail. Are You Answering the Phone Properly at Your Business? Some of the most famous people in this country love to sell you on the idea that the rules don’t apply to them, and that THAT is why they have been able to excel. Learn how to put together and maintain the whole professional package from how to dress to impress through how to behave around and communicate with customers and clients. Cheers to you, King of All Professionals. Don’t shit where you eat, especially if you have been expressly told that your shit is not welcome on anyone’s plate. Discovering that it’s not an original complaint and having it dismissed outright doesn't stop them from making it, either. Respecting yourself, and your lingering scent, is a way of respecting others. This is why I make sure to sand down and paint the INSIDE of all my blog posts. But I did try to keep in mind that people had to SEE these ads, and that maybe they could use a good deal on a dinette set featuring only rocking chairs. They don’t have to be lofty goals. Don’t throw shit. If you are late, apologize first thing when you arrive. Answer people’s questions and respond to their comments, even if it’s just with a “like.". It does not make you look professional to be sitting in a restaurant with others and talking incessantly on your phone; it makes you look obnoxious. My kids are now at the age where they actively question the future utility of things that they have to learn in school. That’s a no-brainer. You’re not necessarily brainwashing yourself if you aim for your work to improve lives, even by the tiniest of degrees. The people around you who don’t have to listen to you talking into your phone will appreciate it. Don't treat EVERYONE like shit. Always double-check your numbers. No one can see that craftsmanship, but I can. I know I roasted Chris up above, but in reality working with him is a relief because he’s a professional editor man who makes things easier and doesn’t hassle me with petty bullshit (Bonus rule: Only brown-nose if you have to!). But really, how could a sugar-snap-pea shake fail? It just means you take a little pride in your work. Steve Jobs famously eschewed using deodorant and showering regularly because he thought, according to biographer Walter Isaacson, that this would prevent body odor. From award-winning writing and photography to binge-ready videos to electric live events, GQ meets millions of modern men where they live, creating the moments that create conversations. Pay attention to the cultural norms in your organization, and follow them. You should want to be a decent, cheerful human first and a decent worker after that. The rocking-est rock star of the... Shower regularly. Turn off your email program’s ping or beep alert and check email at set times during the day. A ​handwritten note is a great way to do this. The same applies to your comments on other people’s posts and websites. You just have to have your own expectations and labor to meet them. I wasn't the most professional ad exec. I have regrets about taking the course, mostly because it was hard. God forbid you do anything but you. Shoes should be conservative, appropriate to your profession, in good repair, and polished if necessary.

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